1. America has reached a milestone in renewable energy—the first offshore wind farm is almost ready to open.

2. Lisa Bate of B+H Architects discusses how tracking data can improve the wellbeing of humans and our planet in our guest column.

3. Forget Google. This browser builds up communities through reforestation.

4. New developments at MIT could lead to major energy savings through color changing windows.

5. Monica Kanojia of the U.S. Department of Energy discusses whether or not zero-energy buildings can become the norm.

6. ENR announces 2016 Global Best Projects winners.

7. Organic shaped floating homes will be unveiled by the company New Living On Water at this year’s Cityscape Global.


The ReGen eco village, planned for Amsterdam. Now, US landowners say they want to get in on the action too. Photograph: EFFEKT/ReGen

8. Eco-friendly communes are changing the future of housing.

9. Nissan has revealed the world’s first solid-oxide fuel-cell vehicle that only runs on ethanol and ethanol-blended water.

10. Architecture for Mars will be 3D printed in the Mojave Desert.

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