1. The Ukrainian government announced a plan to turn the radioactive wasteland of Chernobyl into a solar energy farm.

2. By 2050, 86% of people in developed countries are expected to live in cities. These 5 smart technologies will help the urbanization process.

3. The International Living Future Institute will host the second annual Living Product Expo—an accelerator for sustainable product innovation.

4. In some European countries, the cost of wind energy is now 30% lower than nuclear power.

5. ByFusion, a new startup, has created an eco-friendly way to repurpose ocean plastic into usable construction blocks.

6. The future of sustainable architecture is here with these 6 new buildings (pictured above).

7. GivePower is a non-profit organization by Solarcity that supplies schools in developing nations with solar power installations and batteries.

8. Cityscape Global is a month away! This year’s conference encompasses three programs: market overview, architecture, and real estate.

9. Is the end of traditional gasoline production near? Researchers at the University of Illinois found a way to turn CO2 into fuel with solar power.

10. Tesla plans to acquire Solarcity, creating the world’s leading sustainable energy company.

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