Discussion Board: Sports + Design

In honor of our just-released “At Play” issue, we were curious about the intersection of the green movement and competitive sports. So we gave this question to some of gb&d‘s favorite developers and design professionals: How do we use society’s love of sports to raise environmental awareness? Here’s a sampling of their responses.

Sandra Leibowitz, Sustainable Design Consulting

Sandra Leibowitz, LEED Fellow, Sustainable Design Consulting: “There could be ‘energy teams’ in different neighborhoods that compete month to month. Basically, there are ways to motivate people to change their behaviors and, ultimately, the building industry itself.”

Kris Lengieza, The Weitz Company: “By integrating more interactive and competitive outdoor experiences into our neighborhoods and cities, we can help raise a generation that is aware and can make a difference.”

Juan Moreno, JGMA

Juan Moreno, JGMA: “It has everything to do with designing our cities with spaces that will inspire sport, but the ultimate success lies in how well these spaces bring community, family, and children together.”

Scott Jenkins, Seattle Mariners: “Competition is a great way to engage people, but we need to celebrate and idolize more than just faster, bigger, and stronger. We are long overdue to embrace efficiency. Sports hold tremendous potential to influence society by demonstrating a better way to play.”

Jason Westrope, Development Management Associates

Jason Westrope, Development Management Associates: “Americans spend $20 billion on fitness equipment and health clubs each year, but less than .05 percent of all buildings could be considered green or healthy. Imagine what professional and amateur athletes alike could accomplish if we treated our built environments more like our bodies.”