How does the physical environment affect student performance?

Manesha Ford copy

Manesha Ford

“At Richardsville Elementary, daylighting strategies have contributed to student performance. When students are getting more sunlight and less artificial light, they tend to feel better and perform better academically. Also, the building’s energy-efficient design is itself a learning tool. Everywhere you go in the building there is a learning opportunity.”

-Manesha Ford, Warren County Public Schools

Dan Smith copy

Dan Smith

“Whether the students are children or adults, the same principles apply. Provide a warm, clean, comfortable classroom with biophilic influence and learning materials, and teaching is easy. Speaking of the Clover Park Zero Energy House, students just won’t go home. If you build it, they will learn. Dream big!”

-Dan Smith, Clover Park Technical College

Laura Huenneke copy_1

Laura Huenneke

“Extensive renovations to NAU’s engineering building have fostered booming enrollments. Collaborative study areas and informal seating areas reinforce a curriculum focused on group design work and encourage interactions outside class. And internal ‘windows’ enhance instruction by providing a clear view of the building’s infrastructure—from energy monitoring to HVAC systems and structural elements.”

-Laura Huenneke, Northern Arizona University

Susan Choi copy

Susan Choi

“Our Halpern Hall’s design incorporated a high level of natural lighting, providing pleasant, energy-saving instructional space. From move-in on, indoor air quality has been great due to use of low-VOC materials and green cleaning supplies. As a result, many distractions to concentration, and therefore learning, have been eliminated.”

-Susan Choi, Camden County College

Jim Taylor copy

Jim Taylor

“Research at community colleges has indicated that the longer a student remains in the campus environment, the more likely they are to be successful in their academic endeavors. Anne Arundel Community College’s newly renovated Andrew G. Truxal Library appears to have made major impacts in keeping students engaged as they continue to be drawn to and remain longer in this modern and energy-efficient facility.“

-Jim Taylor, Anne Arundel Community College