Sustainable Stay: Redbury Hotel

The fact that California is facing one of the most severe droughts on record isn’t news to anyone. And though homeowners can curb their lawn watering, take quick showers, and only run their dishwashers when full, how can hotels do their part? 

The Redbury Hotel, with locations in both Hollywood and South Beach, employs what’s known as its “Every Drop Counts” program, in which guests are asked to help their quest to conserve water by offering 10% off food and beverage purchases each day they decline housekeeping (the only exclusion being, of course, departure). Such a discount is exceptionally enticing when it applies to spots like the hotels’ Middle Eastern restaurant, Cleo, or the cozy, book-lined lounge, The Library. 

The Library Cleo Lobby Hollywood Suite BedroomThe Redbury is an acclaimed brand in the award-winning sbe Hotel Collection  curated by creative director and renowned photographer Matthew Rolston in collaboration with sbe founder and CEO Sam Nazarian. The hotels provide an “unpretentious and engaging hospitality experience, appealing to communities that are passionately connected to the arts, music, fashion, and entertainment.” Guests can enjoy lush outdoor spaces, and warm welcoming bars while they help conserve water—a win, win for any traveler or LA local looking for a night away.