GreenFumeHood by Erlab

A fume hood has a big job to do in a laboratory, where the device is tasked with funneling toxic gases away from the people using it and the air around them. The GreenFumeHood has a unique air filtration system, so exhaust ducts aren’t necessary—meaning no more atmosphere-harming emissions and far lower energy costs.

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Advocate Lavatory System

Advocate Lavatory System

Advocate Lavatory System by Bradley

Bradley has taken the bragging rights for the first commercial hand-washing system to give you soap, water, and drying all in one sink. Working their way from left to right, customers and patrons never have to make that dripping trip over to the paper-towel dispenser. Less strain on the environment, and no more dangerously slippery floors.

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Xlerator Eco by Excel Dryer

It might sound like a jet taking off, but that’s how the Xlerator gets the job done. These dryers get hands dry in 10 to 15 seconds and get you LEED points for optimized energy performance to boot. The Eco, first launched in the UK, uses one-third of the wattage of its predecessor, requiring just 500 watts to operate but still drying hands within seconds.

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GeoEdge by Permaloc

With more and more green roofs bursting onto the scene, you need something to keep them nice and tidy. These recyclable aluminum edge-restraints keep plant material exactly where you want it to stay, are easier to install than concrete, and can help get you a few points ahead on the LEED checklist.

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Masters in Sustainable Design from Boston Architectural College

Join the green-building revolution without having to get off the couch! Well, almost. The Boston Architectural College offers an online Master of Design Studies in Sustainable Design. It’s a low-residency program—meaning brief periods of intensive study in Boston followed by longer periods of intensive study on the couch—and can be completed in a flexible four semesters.

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Quantum by Lutron

Lutron’s Quantum brings a flexible, ultra-efficient system of lighting controls, window shades, ballasts, and LED drivers under one digital umbrella. There is, indeed, an app for this—Quantum can be managed from your iPad. Scale is no issue; install on one office floor or an entire corporate campus. (See it in action on p. 108.)

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Sweetwater060Wideck by EPIC Metals

Exposed structural steel decks can be striking design features, and EPIC Metals makes six long-span (from 10 feet to 55 feet) profiles in its Wideck family to suit any architect’s needs. Installations include the LEED Gold-certified Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, Indiana (pictured), and the sleek trusses crowning a new Mercedes-Benz dealership in Ontario.

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UGE eddyGT (2) copyeddyGT by Urban Green Energy Wind & Solar Solutions

Why not get one foot off the grid by combining the most renewable energy sources around? Urban Green Energy (UGE) combines wind and solar power so both elements are used to generate energy, and the elegant, futuristic blades of UGE’s eddyGT turbines are the most visually distinctive power generator you’ll find anywhere from little Jerseyville, Illinois, to Beijing, China.

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001_Overall-L1BIM 360 Glue by Autodesk

BIM 360 Glue eases that harrowing back-and-forth between owners, architects, engineers, and builders. The software puts everyone on the same page by storing the latest project model on the cloud, so everyone on the team can review and update anytime, anywhere. It integrates with Navisworks, and add-ins make it easier to use AutoCAD and other authoring applications.

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Named for the Egyptian goddess Isis—who, as far as we can tell from her depictions on ancient mummy caskets, actually had a rather slim derriere—this is a super-sleek small-scale ceiling fan. Choose wingspans of 8, 10, or 12 feet in shining aluminum or wood grain, and save 25 percent on energy costs.

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