Zehnder ComfoAir 550 HRV

Don’t be fooled by its compact size; the ComfoAir 550 is Passive House certified and rated at 84 percent efficiency. It handles up to 324 cubic feet of air per minute and comes equipped with extras like automatic frost protection and a wireless remote control. Find it in Fabrica718’s retrofitted Tighthouse, and its ERV cousin in the Empowerhouse.


Phase Change BioPCmat

Tuck this stuff into insulated roofs, ceilings, and walls, then sit back and watch your energy costs drop. Made of a soy-based wax material that changes from liquid to solid and back again at certain temperatures, the BioPCmat soaks in and stores excess heat during the day and then releases it back into the building at night when it’s cooler. You can even pick your target temperature.


GreenWizard WORKflow PRO

You’re starting a new project. What was that flooring product that worked so well for a client in 2007? Or was it for a house a few years before? And didn’t you hear that someone in the LA office found something even better? This software helps you build a company-wide digital archive system that will save you the time you just spent tapping your forehead.


The Greenest Home

Julie Torres Moskovitz, founder of the Brooklyn-based design firm Fabrica718 (p. 52), brings you nearly 200 pages of illustrated inspiration in her book The Greenest Home. Inside, learn about 18 gorgeous projects that are among the world’s most insulated. Many are certified by the Passive House Institute.


ClimateWizard_FSeeley International Climate Wizard

Last year this Aussie product was among the winners of the 2013 World Ag Expo Top 10 New Products Competition. The indirect evaporative cooling system directs water and supply air into separate channels to avoid added moisture, and then brings the returning air through the wet channels to evaporate outdoors. Use it as a standalone system or make it your air conditioner’s sidekick.


347_uca ff int st 08 mw_c1_highresMarvin Ultimate Casement Window

As one of the first US-produced Passive House-certified products, this window features low-E argon insulating glass and a variety of beautiful wood jamb finishes. But a homeowner’s favorite feature might be that it’s just plain easy to clean. Flip the handle open, crank it, then rotate the window completely around. No more standing outside and hosing the thing down; you can wipe and clean both sides from indoors.