Horst Architects’ take on this hotel in Laguna Beach, California, both modernizes and connects it to the area’s waterfront cottages. Natural materials and finishes fill the 13-room Hotel Seven4One that allow it to stand out while firmly tying it to the aesthetics of adjacent buildings like the historic Orange Inn, which was established in 1931.

pervasive / pər-ˈvā-siv / adjective

Spreading to all parts of something. The hotel’s relationship with nature can be seen throughout the building but is most readily apparent on its two-story exterior living wall that simultaneously defines the building’s façade and links to its lush Laguna Beach surroundings.

boutique / bü-ˈtēk / noun

A small company that offers highly specialized services or products. Besides obviously functioning as a boutique hotel that offers high-end, modern amenities, the space offers more specialized services. One could enjoy the luxury spot as a group vacation rental or for a private wedding or event.

seasoned / ˈsē-zənd / adjective

To give distinctive quality to as if by seasoning. Weathered wood dotted with wormholes references the neighboring architecture and its history. The use of Cor-Ten steel for the fireplaces gives the rooms an earthly, worn quality that harkens to the area’s natural beauty and the building’s past.