Located on a peninsula across the Bohai Sea from Beijing is the coastal Chinese city of Dalian, and the new Grand Hyatt Dalian, to be completed this year, will be a landmark for the city’s skyline. The 44-story tower, designed by Goettsch Partners, allows sunlight to enter all corridors and rooms while offering views of the sea and the mountains nearby. Being on the coast, Dalian experiences high winds, and the triangular shape of the building directs those winds to its three corners, where vertical wind turbines will be installed. The low-noise and vibration-free turbines will produce up to 2.4 million kilowatt-hours of power annually, meeting 80 percent of the tower’s energy requirements. The glass façade will be covered in glazing to reduce solar heat gain, which will be further enhanced by the metal sunshades on the south side of the tower.

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