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Photo: Samantha Simmons

Environmental come-to-Jesus moment: Paying my first water bill.

Saddest cutting-room floor casualty: Al Gore’s presidency.

Favorite mode of transportation: Walking.

The perfect city would have: Jobs, a clean and safe public transportation system, an accessible body of water, and as many outstanding new buildings as old ones.

One technology on the horizon that can change the world: Innovations in transportation and mobility. The self-driving car will change the world and how we get around it.

Your topic if you were asked to give a TED Talk: The Upside of Density and Transit-Oriented Development.

The next big idea will come from: Children.

Building you would save if the world was going to end: If our civilization ended, perhaps Sagrada Familia in Barcelona could be completed by the next one.

A century from now humanity will: Be less human.

One book everyone should readUnderworld by Don DeLillo.

Most resonant environmental documentaryGasland, a darkly entertaining and startling look at the effects of fracking.

Wasteful habit you’re trying to kick: Long, hot showers.

Industry jargon you would banish: OMG, enough with the acronyms.

Global topic that needs more attention: Water scarcity.

Way to make the environment nonpartisan: Focus on the economic benefits.

Most common green myth: LEED equals green.

What you’d pitch to the President if you had 30 seconds: Shelter for everyone.

What you’d tell the green movement if it was your child: Stop procrastinating.

Current project you’re most excited about: AIA National Convention in Chicago.

Most impactful experience in nature: Hiking the Kalalau Trail in Kauai reminded me how beautiful the world still is.

Most meaningful project you’ve completed: Rebuilding my home after a devastating fire.

Explain “green” to a kindergartner: Green means not hurting the Earth.

Social media—helping or hurting: We know more, but we’re no smarter.

Most compelling argument for environmental stewardship: We all need clean air and water. It shouldn’t be so hard to sell.