Travis Roof Head shot  Mythic Modern copy“Growing up as a wild child in Georgia’s swamps and Panama’s jungles, I built tree houses and loved Tarzan movies. I always dreamed that heaven was a tree house surrounded by friends.  Now I live in my tree house heaven in the heart of Washington, DC, surrounded by a natural political jungle.”

Travis Price
Principal, Travis Price Architects
“More Than Meets the Eye”

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“My dad was a general contractor. Each morning his men gathered for coffee around our breakfast table to discuss their daily tasks, and I learned early about the challenges involved in construction projects. Those mornings left me with a lifelong appreciation of good design-build collaboration.”

Virge Temme
President, Virge Temme Architecture
“Q&A with Virge Temme”

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“I was good at math and science in school and was told that I should be an engineer. Like many who were told the same, I didn’t have any kind of K-12 experience that shed any light on what engineers do. I entered college blind. I don’t think that’s right.”

Mike Wierusz
Instructor, Environmental Innovation, Inglemoor High School
“What Are Green Schools Teaching Our Children?”

STEVE RITZ PROJECT“The Civil Rights Movement has impacted all that I do. Growing up in the sixties, all that I saw locally, nationally, and internationally moved me to a permanent state of advocacy, inspiration, and innovation. I will work and fight to the end, rooted in the belief that together we can all prosper.”

Stephen Ritz
Founder, Green Bronx Machine
“People Behind Green Schools”

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“I grew up the son of an artistic mother and a father who had a love of fine tools and an appreciation of craft. My favorite playtime, from the day I could hold a hammer, was filled with hours in the basement workshop building and making things. Nothing has changed.”

Howard Steinberg
Principal, Onion Flats
“Inside the Green World of Onion Flats”