XL-BW-ECO_303161_bAXLERATORECO by Excel Dryer

Excel’s new “eco” model dials up the energy savings with a no-heat, 500-watt, 15-second dry. At a cost of about $200 per unit, they often return your investment in less than a year versus paper towels. And because school spirit doesn’t stop at the bathroom door, these can be customized to feature team colors and logos. 


vs_63205_10Puzzle Table BY VS America

In the early 20th century, VS founders and educator Maria Montessori developed classroom furniture designed for interaction. These curvy tables, which feature a powder-coated steel frame and durable melamine-resin-coated chipboard, can stand alone or together, proving VS’s lasting dedication to dynamic, kid-driven environments. 


_a_rug9801_86008_096120Ink Swirl Rug by Mohawk

Mohawk is a 2013 GreenStep award winner and one of Newsweek’s top 500 greenest companies, diverting three billion pounds of waste from the landfill each year thanks to carpets made from recycled products. We furnished our own office with this area rug, and it would look just as good in a teacher’s lounge. 


Extensive-GardNetSloped Garden Roof Assembly by American Hydrotech

Rather than letting flat rooflines dictate design, Hydrotech’s sloped assembly means architects don’t have to choose between a green roof and creativity. The system can handle irregularly shaped pitches of up to 45 degrees, giving green roofs more interest and visibility. 


Eco by Cosentino

Details of modern kitchen sink with tap faucetWhat do you get when you combine a partially vegetable-resin slab with a bunch of recycled mirrors, glass bottles, and vitrified ashes? A beautiful, unique countertop that is both Cradle to Cradle and GREENGUARD certified. And Eco isn’t just for horizontal surfaces; the scratch-resistant product can be used in wall cladding and flooring applications as well. 


Pyrot Biomass Boiler BY Viessman Pyrot_00008[1]

When responsibly harvested, wood is a local, renewable, carbon-dioxide-neutral energy source. This wood-burning stove is one of the cleanest energy solutions around, with digital controls, a high-efficiency rotary combustion chamber, and less than 0.06 pounds of dust particles per million BTU.