The most striking feature of Eastern Michigan University’s recently renovated Mark Jefferson Science Complex is the five-story, spherical atrium with a suspended planetarium at the top. But its most impressive accomplishment is that despite an 86,000-square-foot addition—which houses 107 labs—it has not increased its energy use by a single watt.

The $90 million dollar, LEED Gold-certified project, which also included renovations to the facility’s existing 180,000 square feet, achieved a 37.8-percent energy cost savings. A major energy-saver is an innovative HVAC system, which uses a dedicated outdoor air system with radiant cooling and a dual energy-recovery system.

Also new is the chilled beam technology—among the first of such installations in Michigan. On the passive side, the western façade’s high-efficiency glazing system uses tinted frit glass and a series of stainless steel mesh sunshades to reduce energy use and provide ample daylighting.

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