Concrete is one of the most common construction materials used on the planet, and Hycrete decided it was time the product underwent a green overhaul of its own. Hycrete specializes in a liquid ingredient that improves the sustainability of commercial-grade concrete by making it waterproof.

“Hycrete is a water-based admixture,” says Jason Tuerack, president of Hycrete. “It mixes in and reacts with the divalent metal ions, such as calcium in concrete, forming a polymer that acts as a sealant.” By making the concrete hydrophobic, Hycrete helps waterproof the material. This, in turn, cuts down on the need to wrap project foundations in traditional plastic or rubberized waterproofing membranes and leads to faster slab, foundation, and basement completion times during the construction phase. It also prevents rebar corrosion that would normally occur as a structure ages.

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In Action: Bullitt Center
Hycrete’s waterproofing properties helped seal Seattle’s cutting-edge office building and aided it in its goal of achieving the Living Building Challenge.

Hycrete’s ease of use makes it a favorite among contractors. Any standard commercial concrete can accept the solution, and since it is a liquid, it doesn’t require special mixing equipment or builder training before it can be added into the concrete mixing process. Tuerack notes that it is also one of the most environmentally mindful commercial-grade building materials available. “It was the first building material to earn the MBDC Cradle-to-Cradle certification,” he says, noting that, “over the years, we’ve taken it from Silver certification to Gold.”

This focus on green performance has led to an additive that is NSF-approved and safe to use in projects that directly affect potable water. Hycrete’s System W solution even comes with a 10-year warranty that incorporates the company’s engineers and materials experts directly into projects; should challenges arise, Hycrete will provide on-site field technicians to work with project engineers through drawing reviews to ensure waterproofing. With all its unique benefits, it’s no surprise that Hycrete carries six patents and is being used in large-scale projects across the globe.

So what’s next for Hycrete’s development? “We’re looking into applications for block and mortar construction, especially since it’s so common in projects all over the world,” Tuerack says. It’s a promising next step for the company that already leads the concrete industry in innovation. For such a straightforward product—essentially one ingredient in the concrete mixture—Hycrete delivers some of the industry’s best sustainable and practical building materials solutions.