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Amanda Sturgeon Primary

“It’s crucial for our younger generations to be hopeful. There is so much bad news around climate change—hope can be lost. My message to them is to keep hold of that positive vision because you’ll find others that share it, and together we can create a great positive force.”
Amanda Sturgeon, Executive Director, International Living Future Institute


“For new people coming up, I tell them it’s really helpful to have a technical foundation like science or engineering before they move into a communications or policy function because it helps to have that fundamental understanding of natural systems and how the Earth works.”
Rochelle Routman, Director of Sustainability, Mohawk Group


“Try to weave sustainability into your daily activities. That might mean starting a green team on campus if you’re in college. If you’re already in the workplace, see how you can bring eco-friendly practices into your job function by looking at the operations through a green lens. Network. Get active in the community and get credentialed.” 
Leisha John, Americas Director of Environmental Sustainability, Ernst & Young


“If you’re passionate about sustainability, get the skills you need and find ways to work in the field you are knowledgeable about. With hard work and determination, you can be an in-house agent of change and do what you believe in.”
Daniele Horton, Founder and Principal, Verdani Partners