Interior Gym 04 (TUHC)_by Will Crocker

Connor Sports Flooring
A number of Tulane’s LEED projects have achieved the Certified Wood credit using Forest Stewardship Council-certified, sustainably harvested wood for more than half of the project’s new wood. In our new Hertz Center basketball and volleyball practice facility, the court floors from Connor Sports Flooring are made from FSC-certified maple.


Grow Dat Youth Farm
In New Orleans City Park, a structure made from stacked green shipping containers rises up among the cypress trees. The Grow Dat Youth Farm is a youth job-training program, outdoor classroom, and active farm. The master plan and design were done by Tulane City Center, the community outreach arm of Tulane’s School of Architecture.


Bayou Bienvenue Wetland Platform
A collaboration between Lower Ninth Ward residents and architects from the University of Colorado, this platform is built up and over a high levee wall. It restores the neighborhood’s access to the Bayou Bienvenue wetlands and provides a place within New Orleans to see and understand coastal wetland loss.

Hannah Debelius_USGBC

Hannah Debelius
Hannah is the USGBC’s point person to the 100-plus “USGBC Students” groups at colleges and universities across the country. These student organizations work on campus-greening projects, volunteer at schools on the Green Apple Day of Service, and study together in fun ways to take the Green Associate exam.

Climate One TV and Web Logo

Climate One Podcast
Climate One is an ongoing lecture series at the Commonwealth Club of California. Listening to their recent events is a relatively easy way to keep up with big thinkers, current issues, and emerging ideas in climate change, energy, and the environment.

RC-KD (group 8)_ALT03

Kaleidoscope Recycling Bins
You should always select your trash and recycling containers together and place them in pairs or stations. People love the message sent by pairing the half-round Kaleidoscope trash container with the larger square recycling one. You can select the color, label, lid, and size appropriate for your program and assemble them together into an attractive recycling station.

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