Distance from downtown: 5 miles Via: Red Line Best for: Food, music Go: Afternoon, evening


LINCOLN PARK If it’s a nice day in Chicago, there are few better things to do than walk around Lincoln Park (not the neighborhood, the actual park). Make pit stops at the conservatory and maybe the zoo (depending on your tolerance for children and strollers), and don’t miss Studio Gang’s pavilion on the Nature Boardwalk.


KUMAS TOO The original Kumas is a legendary death metal bar on northwest side of Chicago known for its tiny space and amazing burgers. Skip the death metal and the trek to Avondale by going to Kumas Too in Lincoln Park for all the great food and only a fraction of the screaming.


CHILAM BALAM This is technically in Lakeview, but very close to Lincoln Park. The head chef apprenticed with with Mexican culinary powerhouse Rick Bayless before taking up residency at this tapas-style restaurant. Great food, even better sangria. Cash only and BYOB (bring bottle of wine, they have sangria setups).


BARRELHOUSE FLAT Voted by Esquire as one of the best bars in the country, Barrelhouse Flat is one of the best places in Lincoln Park for a cocktail. With a heavy emphasis on gin and whiskey, they make a stiff drink with a little flair.

B.L.U.E.S. Just down the street from long lines at the famous Kingston Mines is a small jazz bar called B.L.U.E.S. It’s a great place to see Chicago jazz artists and have a few low-key drinks with friends.