Lapeyre Stair’s alternating tread stair elevates the standards for quality, durability, and safety.

Lapeyre Stair alternating tread stair on site

[Photo: Courtesy of Lapeyre Stair]

Should you choose stairs or a ladder? Sometimes you want the benefits of both—the safety of stairs with the space-saving benefits of a ladder. That’s where Lapeyre Stair’s alternating tread stair comes into play—it’s the ideal hybrid.

Lapeyre Stair was founded by J.M. Lapeyre, a prolific inventor who once saw a man struggling to carry a toolbox while descending a ladder when he realized how unsafe it was. He began brainstorming ways to reinvent the ladder, walking up and down the stairs with flour on his feet to test out his ideas. His patented design for the alternating tread stair is based on how people naturally walk up and down the stairs, alternating between a half-tread and full-tread.

“If you’re choosing between a ladder and an alternating tread stair, our product is the safer and more comfortable option,” says Taylor Beery, president of Lapeyre Stair. The benefits of this solution are abundant—from the product’s durable construction to customization options.

Lapeyre Stair alternating tread list

The alternating tread stair is the perfect blend between a ladder and a staircase. [Photo: Courtesy of Lapeyre Stair]

Increased comfort and safety.

Proper ladder use dictates that users face the device and maintain three points of contact. Alternating tread stairs function much like traditional stairs, providing a safer and more comfortable user experience while allowing users to easily transport objects.


“On a conventional stair, each foot uses about half of the tread and then steps over an unused section,” Beery says. The alternating tread stair eliminates this unnecessary gap, reducing its horizontal run and opening up floor space.

Various applications.

Use it to access the roof, mezzanine, or mechanical equipment or in crossover systems.

Fewer accidents.

The alternating tread stair is less risky than a wobbly ladder. You don’t even need fault protection or harnessing.


Modify the product according to your needs, from sturdy, stainless steel to lightweight aluminum. Customize material, size, and height.

Durable and sustainable.

Choose from carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel for a longer lifespan than a ladder.

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