Aquafil, creators of ECONYL® regenerated nylon, is excited to showcase the latest circular technology and innovative designs at NeoCon, June 12 to 14, 2023 at theMART in Chicago. The company will feature live demonstrations of 3D printing with ECONYL polymers and filaments and several new collections created with ECONYL nylon made by Bentley Mills, Caimi, FLOR, Interface, and Venture.

The US National Library of Medicine reported plastic consumption in 3D printing reached 18,500 tons in 2020 and it estimates that at least 5,000 tons of 3D printing waste will be generated in the near future. To help close the loop on 3D printed elements Aquafil has developed ECONYL polymers and filaments that can be used for 3D printing, then recycled back into raw material for new 3D printed products.

“3D printing with ECONYL nylon provides designers another opportunity to create new products with a less harmful environmental impact,” said Franco Rossi, president of Aquafil USA. “ECONYL nylon was originally introduced to the market as a key ingredient for the carpet industry. It is exciting to see how ECONYL nylon is transforming industries beyond flooring, including fashion, furniture, automotive and now 3D printing.”

ECONYL polymers and filaments can be used to print infinite designs including chairs, pedestals, jewelry, and other products. Live printing demonstrations of ECONYL nylon will be hosted in the ECONYL by Aquafil showroom #107 on the 11th floor at 10am and 2pm each day from June 12 to 13.

Several new products and collections will be featured in the ECONYL by Aquafil showroom:

  • Bentley Mills will feature its Modern Curator Collection comprised of three distinct patterns designed to creatively coexist—or strongly stand alone. Designed with ECONYL nylon, all styles are as sustainable as they are beautiful.
  • Caimi will have its Snowpouf designed by Paola Navone on display. Lightweight and easy to carry, the pouf is covered in Snowsound Fiber 12 ECONYL nylon, a special sound-absorbing fabric patented by Caimi. The Snowpouf helps to attenuate and enhance the sounds already resonating in the room in which it is placed.
  • In celebration of Interface and FLOR’s anniversary, the group will be launching its latest collection, the Lost Palms. The collection invites the rugged, southwestern frontier indoors and includes six large-format carpet tiles with three complimentary FLOR styles in biophilic motifs and natural desert colors, all made with ECONYL nylon.
  • Teijin, Japan’s leading manufacturer, will feature its Tatami Mats made with ECONYL nylon. Tatami mats have served an important role in Japanese culture for almost 1,200 years, providing comfortable flooring to rest on or take tea. Typically made of rush grass that quickly fades and is easily damaged, Teijin has designed their tatami mats with air-entangled ECONYL nylon for softer, more durable and more sustainable flooring.
  • Venture will premiere its Haute Couture collection inspired by the most beautiful pieces from the catwalks, transcending the boundaries of fashion to create environments that are both chic and casual. The ECONYL by Aquafil showroom will serve as a source of inspiration to reimagine design where waste is the key ingredient and products are created to be regenerable at the end of their life.

“Designing a circular economy is not something we can do on our own,” said Giulio Bonazzi, Aquafil Group’s CEO. “It’s a collaborative process that Aquafil is proud to lead and collaborate closely with our partners to redesign the products of the future. NeoCon serves as a paramount nexus for us to show the latest innovations in eco-design and connect with top designers to promote a mindset that prioritizes reimagining design to reduce waste and foster innovation.”

About Aquafil

The Aquafil Group is a pioneer in the circular economy and a leading manufacturer of synthetic fibers, headquartered in Arco, Italy. In 2011 the ECONYL Regeneration System was created after years of research and development and a simple idea to turn our waste problem into a solution. ECONYL nylon empowers designers to create new products, collections and projects without tapping into new resources. It is used by more than 2,500 brands across fashion, carpet, interiors, and automotive industries. The Group is present in nine countries and in three continents, with almost 2,800 employees at 20 facilities in Italy, Slovenia, United States, China, Croatia, Scotland, Thailand, and Japan.

About ECONYL Regenerated Nylon

ECONYL is a brand of Aquafil. It is nylon made from recycled waste instead of oil and is also regenerable an infinite number of times without any compromise in quality. ECONYL yarn helps divert global waste streams that would otherwise pollute the Earth like fishnets, carpet, and industrial plastic. Designers use ECONYL to produce a wide range of textile products such as sportswear, swimwear, bags, eyewear, and carpets.