Archasol, a supplier of solar-powered urban innovations ranging from solar lit signage to solar benches, has just launched a new range of solar-powered bollards, pathway lighting, and street lighting utilities. With high-capacity PV cells skillfully concealed in slimline aluminum poles, eliminating the need for obtrusive overhead panels, these commercial quality solar products illuminate dark pathways, alleys, and roadways with precise, focused light.

“Now more than ever, we are seeing city planners reprioritizing their infrastructure for enhanced safety and utility,” says Janice Dobson, business development director for Archasol. “Our company was founded specifically to encourage and promote the uptake of solar powered utilities. For that reason, our product range focuses exclusively on solar lighting, charging stations and seating products, all featuring the most up to date designs and technology sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers.”

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Courtesy of Archatrak Inc.

SolarStreet light poles, for instance, can be easily installed in locations that would otherwise be difficult or expensive to connect to the electrical grid. Available in three heights—6 feet, 6 inches; 9 feet, 10 inches; and 13 feet, 1 inch—SolarStreet poles incorporate an infrared sensor to temporarily raise the brightness of the LED lights on approach, reverting to a lower light level after 10 seconds.

The light is directed exactly where and when it’s needed, minimizing unnecessary light pollution and conserving power usage, with the poles capable of providing light for up to 14 days without exposure to the sun. Combined with the shorter SolarPost lighting poles, these products offer a very effective and efficient way to provide extra security and safety for pedestrians, particularly in isolated locations, with minimal installation cost and zero ongoing power costs.

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Archasol is a division of Archatrak Inc., a national supplier of porcelain pavers, wood deck tiles, deck support systems, and site furniture, established in 2004. Archasol was formed specifically to promote solar powered products that demonstrate a commitment to the use of renewable energy. Our solar lighting products combine sophisticated technology with superior quality, excellent design and outstanding performance and reliability.