Archatrak recently introduced a range of corrosion-resistant, adjustable height steel pedestal supports specifically designed for elevated decks in locations where combustible building materials are not permitted. When used in combination with porcelain or concrete pavers, these pedestals allow rooftop decks to be made totally noncombustible.

In many urban locations it is becoming increasingly difficult to construct decks on rooftops due to fire regulations. While some conventional plastic adjustable height pedestals contain compounds designed to reduce the spread of flames and reduce smoke generation, plastic is a combustible material. Therefore, steel pedestals, which have traditionally only been used for indoor raised flooring applications, offer the only true solution to elevated deck combustibility.

Just like a plastic pedestal, height adjustment with steel pedestals involves screwing a central column up or down to reduce or increase the height. Eight models are available to span the height range of 1 inch to 22 inches. The 6 1/4 inch by 6 1/4 inch totally flat steel base distributes the load evenly over roofing membranes, but an optional 9 inch by 9 inch buffer pad can be supplied if required.

As the CEO of Archatrak, Malcolm Kay, explained, “These steel pedestals are currently the only way to satisfy the most severe fire regulations yet still permit the construction of rooftop decks. Even the head of the pedestals—which would normally be made of rubber or plastic, including the spacer tabs, can be supplied with push in steel spacer tabs, so absolutely no component of the entire deck will include any combustible material.”

Nostalgically many people yearn for natural wood decks. With modern porcelain pavers, it is still possible to achieve a similar look without the risk of fueling a flame. These pavers can simply be laid over noncombustible steel pedestals. Unlike natural wood, porcelain pavers are highly resistant to fading, staining, mold, and mildew. Porcelain is also much easier to maintain. With Archatrak’s steel pedestal supports, wood rooftop decks are possible almost anywhere.


Archatrak is a national supplier of porcelain pavers, wood deck tiles, pedestal support systems, and outdoor amenities for both commercial and residential applications.


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