Arktura, the award-winning architectural systems designer and manufacturer, introduces VaporHue™, an innovative line of torsion spring wall and ceiling panels that blends printed and perforated patterning to bring a new layer of depth and emotion to projects. It combines the colorful pictorial aspects of wallpapers with the durability, enhanced utility, and dimensionality of perforated panel systems. At launch, the line includes five dynamic designs—Astra, Flora, Link, Stitch, and Pop—each customizable to the stylistic needs of your space through an expanding palette of thoughtfully curated colors. All are seamlessly tileable and offer the same ease of installation, accessibility, and integrated range of optional accessories that Arktura’s clients have grown to love and expect from its growing collection of torsion panel systems.

Choose the right VaporHue™ pattern and print color to fit your vision. Astra evokes speed, motion, and directionality through its linear perforations and printed patterning. Flora layers organic printing in two-colors over biomorphic perforations to evoke a biophilic floral landscape or arboreal canopy. Link utilizes fragmented hexagonal outlines in both print and perforations to create a dynamic geometric effect. Stitch weaves its way through spaces with a bi-directional linearity. Meanwhile Pop adds a layer of depth with perforated circles and finely dithered printed dots reminiscent of pop-art printing methods in a timeless-yet-modern aesthetic. Be on the lookout for more pattern options coming soon.

VaporHue™ is compatible with standard Torsion Grid ceiling systems, such as Armstrong’s Prelude XL Torsion Grid and Arktura’s Vertika® wall channel system, to make seamless wall to ceiling transitions a breeze. Arktura’s Torsion Spring Adapter Clip also makes it possible to adapt VaporHue™ to a new or existing non-torsion t-grid systems, opening possibilities for easy retrofitting. Combine options such as Arktura’s integrated Inline and Backlight illumination with a frosted translucent backer or add acoustic performance and another layer of color play with Soft Sound® backer options, available in a range of color and finish options.

VaporHue™ is now available for purchase through Arktura’s constantly expanding global network of reps, agents, and distributors.


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