Proluxe Lighting, a leading manufacturer of premium LED lighting innovations for residential and commercial applications, introduces its Art-Net™ DMX Bidirectional Converter, an Ethernet-to-DMX adapter with integrated optical DMX splitter and Ethernet switch capability for precise control of lighting and multi-media products.

The Art-Net DMX Bidirectional Converter includes Control4® Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) software to make integration easy and seamless. It supports the latest Art-Net 4 Protocol with up to four international digital network universes.

Remotely configured and monitored through such PC software as Sunlite, DMX-Workshop, Luminair, and Madrix, the Art-Net DMX Bidirectional Converter has two Ethernet ports and four RJ45 DMX out ports, which are all optically isolated and compatible with DMX512, DMX512-A, and Art-Net. Its 3.5” LCD screen with a touch-control pen provides easy operation.

The Art-Net DMX Bidirectional Converter has a Task Manager function to create schedules, as well as show currently running programs, processes, and services. Task Manager can be used to monitor computer performance or to close a program that is not responding. The converter also includes a recorder function, SD Card memory option, and a playback function as part of the standalone mode.

Operating at 12 and 24 VDC, the Art-Net DMX Bidirectional Converter is FCC compliant. It will perform in temperatures from -4°F to 122°F and comes with a five-year limited warranty. For more information about the Art-Net DMX Bidirectional Converter from Proluxe Lighting, call 866-700-5648, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, or visit