Challenged with maintaining impenetrable perimeter security while efficiently managing deliveries throughout the day to their busy distribution center (DC), one leading retailer needed a gated access solution that could achieve both. Working backwards from a list of business criteria, Telaid identified and deployed the innovative AutoGate solution, which met the exacting needs of this busy DC.

The Challenge

With large numbers of deliveries each day to and from distribution centers in major metropolitan cities across the United States, a leading retailer was challenged to receive delivery trucks in the most efficient and secure way possible. Traditional designs presented challenges including long wait times to access entry, easily breached perimeters and strain on security resources.

The retailer also needed to address delivery truck queues that backed up traffic on the main roads approaching DC entrances. Not only a nuisance for local drivers, back-ups resulted in traffic fines and strained relationships with neighboring businesses. In addition, busy security guards were required on location to open and close gates, making it especially challenging to manage incoming traffic on days when guards were absent or assigned to other security priorities.

Automation was key to achieving efficiency, but with so many performance criteria, there was no solution in sight.

The Solution

Hearing of these challenges in a quarterly update meeting, Telaid’s account management team was intent on finding a solution to solve this vexing business challenge. Team Telaid started by making a list of solution criteria. At the top of the list, security was the number one priority. Then they added operational priorities like speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

With these criteria in mind, Telaid researched and evaluated a range of possible solutions to identify those that met the comprehensive list of criteria. They considered barrier arm gates, but were concerned that these could be easily breached. Armed security guards were expensive and difficult to replace on short notice in case of illness or absence. Access controlled slide gates offered security, but were slow to open and close.

Finally Telaid discovered the vertical pivot gate system from AutoGate. Featuring anti-climb design to protect against breaches and the ability to open in three seconds as opposed to the slide gate cycle time of 30 seconds or more, this solution met the full list of security and operations criteria.

The Results

Telaid presented the solution to the retail team along with a complete deployment and maintenance plan and received positive feedback along with authorization to install the solution immediately at several major DCs.

This solution has met expectations, delivering a high level of security alongside streamlined management of vehicle access to facilities. A 400-pound gate is lifted in three seconds, cutting wait time for trucks by more than 25 seconds, a significant delay when managing dozens of deliveries in and out of a facility.

The solution has achieved an impressive ROI, eliminating the need for security guards at the entrances where AutoGate is used. To ensure proper performance and care, Telaid offers a maintenance contract, testing AutoGate mechanism quarterly to ensure performance, check for damage and conduct software upgrades. Unlocking security and efficiency, this innovative, proven solution is scheduled for deployment across distribution centers nationwide.

About AutoGate

With a reputation for quality, AutoGate the leading manufacturer of vertical pivot gate systems. In addition to manufacturing the first UL 325 compliant vertical pivot gate operator, we also offer a full line of reversing/safety, accessory and access control devices. With a product suite focused on quality and over 90 combined years of experience in security sales and technical support, AutoGate is a complete source for secure entry solutions.

About Telaid

Telaid has a consistent track record of delivering even the most complex technology projects on time and on budget. For nearly 40 years, technology integrator, Telaid, has served its clients by deploying excellence and exceeding expectations. Flexible and resourceful, Telaid is a single provider of rapid
deployments, cradle-to-grave technology solutions, wireless and physical security.