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Washer and Dryer

Beko US eliminates the need for a high temperature drying process. [Photo: Courtesy of Beko US]

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Let’s face it—most of us dread doing chores. And while we may never quite look forward to doing the laundry, at least we can take solace knowing the process we use isn’t doing more damage than good. 

And not just damage to your clothes, either. When you use a product like Beko US’s ventless heat pump dryer, you’re using less energy—a lot less—and that’s all part of the company’s commitment to energy efficiency. “Environmental protection and adopting sustainable processes in our business is key at Beko US,” says Salih Zeki Bugay, director of product management. “Changing the habits of customers is not an easy task, but providing them with the tools and machines they need to give them the results with less cost and great efficiency helps the habits form.”

Bugay says Beko US was the first manufacturer to bring heat pump technology in compact clothes dryers to the States in 2015 under the company’s Blomberg brand. The combination of European style and design with the latest technology was an easy sell, and not many ventless heat pump dryers currently exist in the marketplace outside of the line offered by Beko—the top European freestanding appliance brand. Beko’s dryer runs without a heating element—internal air and compressed refrigerant circulate within the product instead. Add to that that the company’s heat pump dryers offer the only non-shrink wool dry operation, and you’re looking at a special operation.


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Product photos

[Photo: Courtesy of Beko US]

The Benefits

“Eliminating the need for a high-temperature drying process, thus resulting in a non-fabric damaging operational temperature, is one of the key benefits of the heat pump technology,” Bugay says. “Thanks to the lower temperature operation, fibers are not agitated and lint formation from the drying process is reduced considerably.”

Plus, the chance of your clothing shrinking is almost nil. Because the unit is ventless and circulates internal air with perfect sealing, you also save up to 70% of the energy needed to dry clothes as compared to vented dryers. “Last but not least, having no vent eliminates the need for vent cleaning and other hazardous conditions, as well as helping developers and builders reduce the cost of building multi-unit apartment complexes,” Bugay says.

Top of the Class

More than 90% of Beko’s major appliances are Energy Star certified. Bugay says Beko’s washers and heat pump dryers have both been categorized as the best energy performers in the U.S. And they’re made mostly from recyclable material.

Beko also recently won first prize in the appliance competition of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017. The team’s home in the competition, RISE—or Residential, Inviting, Stackable, Efficient—showcased innovative and energy-efficient Beko appliances, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and compact washer/dryer.

Six of the seven homes sponsored showcased the companies’ innovative heat pump dryer technology, which made the EPA’s 2017 Energy Star Most Efficient list for using 50% less energy than conventional dryers. The ventless heat pump technology uses a closed-loop heat exchange system to dry at lower temperatures, saving money on energy bills and providing superior protection for clothes.

Washer and Dryer in Bathroom

[Photo: Courtesy of Beko US]

More Great Products

The efficiency doesn’t stop in the laundry room. Beko also offers a beautiful French door-style refrigerator/freezer with conditions that keep food fresh up to 30 days with EverFresh+ technology. That’s three times longer than the average refrigerator.

Beko has also developed NeoFrost dual cooling technology to ensure food stays fresher longer. Unlike conventional single cooling systems, NeoFrost uses two cooling systems to maintain optimal humidity in the fridge while keeping the freezer dry and frost-free. It cools up to twice as fast and keeps airflow separate between the refrigerator and freezer.

“Our kitchen solutions deliver forward-thinking technology and maximum efficiency in beautifully modern packages to make life better,” Bugay says. “Our entire line of refrigerators is Energy Star compliant … and that’s good not only for the environment, but also for your electric bill.”

The Future

As demand for products like these grows in the States—a large portion of Beko’s sales since 2015 include heat pump dryers—Bugay expects the company will become one of the most preferred appliance brands in the country.

At the end of the day, the commitment to developing the most efficient products with healthy living in mind has always been part of what Beko does. Parent company Arcelik A.S., whose mission is to develop highly energy-efficient appliances with exceptional value and quality, started in Turkey in 1955. Initially focused on metal cabinets, then farm equipment, and finally appliances, the company has been bringing exciting innovations to life since it started heavily focusing on its own R&D in the early ’90s. Today, Beko has a growing presence in 140 countries. It’s the fastest growing major appliance brand in Europe and the top-selling brand in the UK.

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