[Photo: Courtesy of Chablé Maroma]

Chablé Maroma fosters a sense of relaxed well-being by incorporating its design directly into the natural splendor that surrounds it. [Photo: Courtesy of Chablé Maroma]

The plush Punta Maroma getaway honors nature with ethical water management, indoor-outdoor design, landscape preservation, and more.

At the Chablé Maroma Resort and Spa, cool white decor is accentuated with pops of ocean blue that reflect the colors of the Punta Maroma beach itself. The private casita design is influenced by the traditional homes of Mayan nobility, and the palapa roofs and parota wood floors mirror the lush jungle that encompasses the resort. Location is key for the second Chablé property, operated by Hamak Hotels. The Riviera Maya resort has been in the works since before the first Chablé destination was a reality.

Just south of Cancún, the Riviera Maya is where the Caribbean ocean meets white sand beaches that blend into vibrant rain forests; where spider monkeys and macaws maneuver between the sapodillas and palms. It’s the perfect place for a resort that promotes finding tranquility and wellness by engaging with nature. This isn’t lost on the Chablé design, which draws most of its inspiration from its surroundings.

Photo: Courtesy of Chablé Maroma

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow guests immediate access to majestic rain forests and private pools. [Photo: Courtesy of Chablé Maroma]

Sense of Place

When you stay at Chablé, you’re immersed in nature, with features like floor-to-ceiling windows, shady verandas surrounded by local flora, and indoor-outdoor showers. In the restaurant and spa, local culture is incorporated from the inside out. World-renowned chef Jorge Vallejo, from Mexico City, blends contemporary and traditional cuisine in the main restaurant, Bu’ul, named after the Mayan word for field beans. The restaurant uses herbs grown on the property in raised bed gardens styled after those found in Mayan culture.

Photo: Courtesy of Chablé Maroma

Wellness treatments go beyond run-of-the-mill spa fare, instead mining inspiration from ancient Mexican civilizations. [Photo: Courtesy of Chablé Maroma]

Nurturing Body & Soul

“The treatment menu is inspired by nature, Mayan traditions of wellness, and modern science,” says Nicholas Dominguez, the chief operating officer at Hamak Hotels. “Each treatment is created to take guests on a spiritual journey, where the experience is more than just about a massage, but also about the mind and soul.”

One option offered to guests is the “Temazcal Ritual.” Chablé has built its own temazcal—or small domed sauna—on the property. With the help of a trained “Temazcalero,” this ceremony aims to get you closer to nature and your inner self.

Photo: Courtesy of Chablé Maroma

Indoor-outdoor showers exemplify the resort’s rooted-in-nature design. [Photo: Courtesy of Chablé Maroma]


Respect for the environment is at the forefront of the design and practices at Chablé. In the initial planning phase of the resort, emphasis was placed on preserving the natural landscape—from neighboring sand dunes and coral reefs to the mangroves that envelop the retreat. “The landscaping was designed around the mangrove plants with respect to the wetlands, and special engineering throughout the grounds keeps the water moving to preserve wildlife in the mangrove,” Dominguez says.

Chablé doesn’t use any water services from the municipality, either; they have a system to produce and recycle water on the property. Salty well water is desalinated to produce drinking water, and wastewater is treated and used for irrigation.

Environmentally conscious decisions like these may be subtle, but you’ll find them in every decision made across the retreat—from how pathways were designed to limit vehicles to being a plastic-free resort.  

This is the real beauty of Chablé—something they’ve brought into their Yucatån property as well. They make environmentally conscious decisions without sacrificing luxury. The resort is a place for guests to interact with the natural beauty of the land in a responsible way that feels entirely indulgent.

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