CHRYSO & GCP (Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals), a worldwide leader in sustainable construction, showcased their latest advancements in sustainable concrete solutions at the Canadian Concrete Expo, February 14 to 15, 2024, in Toronto.

“We look forward to meeting with our customers and other attendees at this year’s Canadian Concrete Expo, and presenting our proven concrete solutions that are addressing some of the challenges facing the Canadian concrete market,” said CHRYSO & GCP’s Okun Duyar, district sales manager of Ontario. “We are focused on transforming the Canadian construction industry by delivering innovative solutions that allow our customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Our North American team works closely with each customer throughout the cement and concrete lifecycle enabling them to achieve their technical, business, and sustainable objectives. We are excited to share our expertise with the Canadian market.”

Together CHRYSO & GCP provide a vast portfolio of concrete admixtures and cement additives designed to help customers achieve carbon reduction through the efficient and cost-effective use of materials.

CHRYSO & GCP Solutions at Canadian Concrete Expo 2024 Deliver:

  • Cement Reduction (Portland limestone cement and new types of blended cement)
  • Cement Replacement with Locally Sourced SCMs
  • Use of Locally Sourced Aggregates
  • Synthetic Fiber Conversion from Steel
  • Recycled and Returned Concrete
  • Reduced Clinker and Energy Consumption
  • Operational Efficiencies

“Sustainability in construction is about making informed choices,” said Isabelle Lord, CHRYSO & GCP’s district Manager of Canada East. “We invite you to stop by our booth to share your concrete challenges, learn about our solutions, and enable us to work together in pursuit of customer-driven innovation.”

Explore how CHRYSO & GCP’s inventive solutions reduce the CO2 footprint of cement and concrete, enhance durability, and contribute to the circular economy.


Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals offers cement additives, concrete admixtures, and the VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system through the combined solutions of CHRYSO and GCP. The integration of the two companies creates a vast depth of R&D expertise and technical know-how, alongside recent technologies for sustainable construction that help reduce energy consumption, lower the carbon footprint of cements and concrete, and foster the circular economy. Leveraging its global manufacturing presence, Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals serves its customers through local sites in more than 40 countries, employing more than 2,700 people.