CHRYSO & GCP will showcase its portfolio of solutions for the entire concrete construction journey at World of Concrete 2024. In addition, GCP Specialty Building Materials will feature its waterproofing and soil conditioning systems. Visit Booth #S11827 for live admixture demonstrations, hands on displays of high-performance innovations, and the unveiling of a new mobile solution.

“As World of Concrete celebrates 50 years, we are proud to present our 100 years of proven concrete solutions,” said CHRYSO & GCP Sustainability Program Manager Lisa Barnard. “We have developed an interactive booth to immerse attendees in our sustainability journey of
high-performance solutions. Experience our admixture solutions alongside our soil conditioning, waterproofing, leak sealing, and engineered slab systems, all in one exhibit. We invite visitors to stop by to sip an espresso, and share their current concrete challenges with us, so that we can partner together to deliver the ideal solutions, to achieve both business and sustainable objectives.”

All proudly part of the SAINT-GOBAIN family, CHRYSO & GCP, (SAINT-GOBAIN Construction Chemicals) and GCP Specialty Building Materials, provide customers with compatible, comprehensive one-stop system solutions for the bottom to the top of a structure. CHRYSO & GCP provide a vast depth of technical knowledge, decades of R&D expertise, alongside a portfolio of concrete admixtures and cement additives designed to help customers achieve carbon reduction through the efficient and cost-effective use of materials. GCP has helped shape the building products industry for more than 100 years. They have been known for creating product categories and award-winning solutions, including proven waterproofing and fireproofing systems for concrete. Together they are combining performance and CO2 reduction to revolutionize the way the construction industry builds.

Solutions Showcased at World of Concrete 2024:

● Clinker reduction for cement production
● Cement reduction and replacement in concrete production
● Solutions to optimize local resources, reduce supply costs, and decrease carbon footprint, fostering a circular economy
● Solutions for enhanced concrete durability: mitigate cracking, soil stabilization, waterproofing, and engineered slab systems
● In-transit concrete management system
● Proprietary mobile phone app specifically used by CHRYSO & GCP team members, allowing them to pre-quantify the CO2 impact of various customer mix designs

Visit booth #S11827 to explore the latest advancements in sustainable concrete solutions. The industry leaders invite you to kick back in their hospitality lounge, while witnessing how their inventive solutions reduce the CO2 footprint of cement and concrete, enhance durability, and contribute to the circular economy. Follow the CHRYSO and GCP LinkedIn channels for daily schedules of demonstrations.

About Saint-Gobain Businesses

Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals offers cement additives, concrete admixtures and the VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system through the combined solutions of CHRYSO and GCP. The integration of the two companies creates a vast depth of R&D expertise and technical know-how, alongside recent technologies for sustainable construction that help reduce energy consumption, lower the carbon footprint of cements and concrete and foster the circular economy. Leveraging its global manufacturing presence, Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals serves its customers through local sites in over 40 countries, employing more than 2,700 people.

GCP Specialty Building Materials is a leading global provider of high-performance specialty building materials. The company’s product portfolio includes proven waterproofing systems, fireproofing, air and vapor barriers and more to strengthen and protect buildings long-term. GCP partners with contractors, architects, and engineers to achieve performance and sustainability goals. The company has a legacy of first to market and award-winning solutions that have been used to build some of the world’s most renowned structures. GCP is focused on continuous improvement for its customers, end-users, and the environment.