CHRYSO & GCP (Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals), a worldwide leader in sustainable construction, announced the availability of the newly expanded CHRYSO®Quad portfolio of admixtures and services to North American-based customers.

CHRYSO®Quad combines water reducing admixtures with a set of services and tools provided through the Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals local technical services team and network of regional application labs. These services evaluate the quality of natural and manufactured sands looking at sand gradation, shapes, and swelling clay pollution. This unique combination of solutions optimizes production costs, while improving the quality and performance of concrete using challenging sands.

“Depleting resources has made sourcing good quality sand difficult. As the quality of sand significantly impacts concrete performance, it has become a major challenge for the concrete industry,” said Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals North America President Steve Williams.

“In response to the challenges of the circular economy, we are pleased to deliver the expanded CHRYSO®Quad portfolio, combined with our local technical expertise, to our North American customer base. The innovative product offerings enable the use of lower quality, locally sourced or manufactured sands without compromising concrete quality, while improving the concrete CO2 footprint. CHRYSO®Quad is another solution from our diverse product portfolios to assist the industry in achieving technical, business, and sustainable objectives.”

Tailored Regional Approach

The Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals North American team works with each customer to identify the best admixture for their local sand source. It starts with the analysis of sands using the patented CHRYSO®CLEAR Test method, which diagnoses the presence and portion of swelling clay. Then, sand gradation is measured and integrated as a factor of the concrete mix design optimization. CHRYSO®Quad admixtures significantly compensate for the loss of rheology, flowability and finishability of fresh concrete, providing ease of application, replacing up to 100% of natural sands by manufactured sands.

This allows clients to gain flexibility by integrating new sands into their concrete mix and overcome shortages or tensions in material supplies. The use of local resources also contributes to reducing supply costs and decreasing the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of raw materials.

An additional benefit of combining the CHRYSO & GCP product portfolios is that CLARENA® MC 2000, another clay mitigation technology, reinforces the offering, providing concrete producers with the largest solution offering for challenging aggregates in North America.

Proven Track-Record

For example, to support a customer that wanted to optimize their mix to reduce embodied carbon by using locally available manufactured sand, an evaluation of reference concrete mix design and the manufactured sand was performed. CHRYSO®Quad 855 EMx was then proposed as the solution to optimize the mix design. As a result, the customer solved the material availability issues, reduced costs and reduced their concrete embodied carbon by 5%, by replacing 50% of their natural sand with locally available manufactured sand, avoiding long distance transportation.

Global Network with a Local Approach

Leveraging its international network of application laboratories and local expertise, Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals provides answers to the aggregate sourcing challenges faced by industry stakeholders, supporting the circular economy. The company continues to focus on solving today’s concrete challenges through sustainable solutions. In the coming months, CHRYSO®Quad will be launched in Canada, continuing the availability of the benefits in North America.

About Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals

Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals offers cement additives, concrete admixtures and the VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system through the combined solutions of CHRYSO and GCP. The integration of the two companies creates a vast depth of R&D expertise and technical know-how, alongside recent technologies for sustainable construction that help reduce energy consumption, lower the carbon footprint of cements and concrete and foster the circular economy. Leveraging its global manufacturing presence, Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals serves its customers through local sites in over 40 countries, employing over 2,700 people.