Closet Factory

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Closet Factory transforms closets and more so you can make your design dreams come true.

If you’re anything like most people, the closet is where you start your day. Maybe you walk into a space that’s as put together and efficient as you are, or maybe your cluttered closet slows you down as you stand there wondering where you put your favorite top.

Closet Factory knows organized spaces can make a big difference in anyone’s day, as they’ve been leading the industry with innovative solutions customized to meet their clients’ needs for more than 30 years. Closet Factory can design, manufacture, and install custom storage and organization systems to solve any nightmare, from closets and pantries to home offices and entertainment centers. The experts at Closet Factory also have designers all over the U.S., with more than 50 locations.

More Options

With Closet Factory, you can easily customize your space in a number of ways because the company makes all of its own products. You can add functional accessories like belt racks, valet rods, jewelry drawers, and laundry bins or aesthetic touches like decorative drawer faces and doors, moldings, edges, appliqués, and trims. There’s even a myriad of mirrors and lighting options to help you complete your dream design. They also have one of the broadest color and and texture palettes out there.

“When you look in your closet you don’t always think about it, but there’s a large investment that’s made there, and having that investment properly displayed and organized makes people happy,” says Shad Peterson, president of Closet Factory Chicago. “It kind of helps declutter their space and their mind.”

Peterson says he’s seen more and people interested in lighting enhancements, especially seeking out LED light options that save money and energy. “Closets can be kind of dimly lit, but when you’re trying to figure out what your day is going to be wardrobe-wise, you see a lot more people focus on the lighting elements of the spaces,” he says. Proper lighting can not only help you find what you need; it can also ensure you pick the right color combination as compared to poorly lit closets that show a distorted view.


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Closet Factory Finesse Reach-in

Choose what you need, whether it’s valet rods and jewelry drawers or decorative drawer faces and doors. [Photo: Courtesy of Closet Factory]

Better Materials

Closet Factory organization systems come in a wide range of colors and styles, but one thing that never changes is the company’s commitment to quality, sustainable practices. Closet Factory builds its systems using materials that can help a project earn LEED points in both the areas of Materials Resources (MR) and Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) credits.

“Almost everything we do is post-consumer, low-formaldehyde-meeting both EPA and European standards,” Peterson says, adding that they also recycle as much of their material as possible.

Closet Factory also uses Forest Stewardship Council-certified suppliers who adhere to all FSC principles and criteria to assure their wood products are harvested from responsibly managed forests. The company uses substrates manufactured with 100% recycled wood, and clients can choose to use post-consumer material with low- or no-VOCs while still getting a textured look if they choose. “It’s a great alternative when you want that wood look but want to be environmentally conscious at the same time,” Peterson says.

Closet Factory entertainment center

Closet Factory is also known for its entertainment centers and home offices. [Photo: Courtesy of Closet Factory]

Long-Term Solutions

When properly maintained, these organization systems can last more than 15 years, which is why designers work so closely with clients to make sure they get the customized designs they need with maximum functionality that matches their style.

The Closet Factory process begins with an appointment with one of the designers in the client’s home to talk goals, see the space, and take inventory of what needs to be accommodated. The designer then uses the company’s design software to bring those ideas to life and fine-tune as needed before beginning production and installation. “We want to partner with our clients to make sure we’re helping their living environment become exactly what they want it to be,” Peterson says.

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