Story at a glance:

  • Englert pioneered the concept of a “total system” for metal roofing solutions.
  • Englert provides contractors with technical support, architectural services, and machine maintenance.
  • Englert recently developed a custom metal roof solution for a luxury home in North Carolina.

For homeowners and contractors looking to build in coastal areas, there are a litany of factors to consider when shopping for a new metal roofing system. Naturally, weather is a key concern, as wind and precipitation can be far more intense and unpredictable than in inland regions. The materials must also be chosen carefully, due to the corrosive quality of the salty seaside air. In some instances, even getting the materials to the site can be a challenge.

These issues were all top of mind for Englert when the company recently took on a luxury residential project with East Carolina Metal Roofing on North Carolina’s Outer Banks islands.

Who is Englert?

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Englert, a leading manufacturer of custom metal roofing and gutter systems, is hardly new to the challenges of designing durable roofing solutions in hurricane-prone regions—the company’s headquarters and sales offices line the Atlantic seaboard from Florida to Massachusetts.

“You could say we were truly made for this kind of work,” says Dave Thomas, director of sales at Englert.

In fact, calling Englert a “leader” in the metal roofing industry doesn’t do them justice. The firm’s founder, Herb Englert, pioneered the concept of a “total system” for metal roofing solutions, in which the company manufactures and supplies all of the roofing materials as well as the innovative machinery used to shape and cut the metal into customizable panels.

On top of that, Englert provides contractors with technical support, architectural services, and machine maintenance. “We are a one-stop-shop for everything that a contractor could need,” Thomas says. “The comprehensive level of service we provide is why we’ve been leading the industry since 1966.”

The Bald Head Island Project

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This level of expertise was key to the success of the North Carolina project. The owners of the spacious seaside home, which was originally constructed in the early 2000s, wanted the new roof to provide a sense of modernity that would complement the more traditional Craftsman-style exterior. And aside from the need to find a roofing system that was durable enough to sustain hurricane-force winds, there was an additional challenge: the site itself.

Located on Bald Head Island, a vacation community with a population of less than 200 at the southern tip of the Outer Banks chain of islands, the home is only accessible by ferry.

“We’ve worked in all sorts of challenging terrain over the years, but I don’t think our equipment has ever needed to be put on a ferry to reach a jobsite,” Thomas says.

Building Relationships

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Englert landed the job through a local contractor the company has had a relationship with for 20 years. Maintaining strong relationships with contractors is one of the key ways Englert maintains its lead in the industry.

“Because of all of the additional services we provide and the long-term investments we make with contractors, it builds a level of trust that sustains these relationships,” Thomas says.

This broad familiarity with Englert’s products helps contractors build trust with their customers as well. For the Bald Head Island project, the contractor worked closely with the architects, the homeowners, and Englert’s team to find the best solution for their needs.

Custom Metal Roof Solution

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Through this process, the homeowners chose the A1300 metal roofing system, which features a 1½-inch seam and concealed clips and fasteners that create a more polished, seamless look. The mechanically seamed panels also provide additional weathertightness, which helps keep out the elements and requires less maintenance.

For the color palette, the clients wanted to complement the seaside blue siding and white accents of the home’s existing exterior. Fortunately, Englert maintains its own in-house paint line with 26 options. “We can also do custom special requests,” Thomas says. “There’s really no color we can’t get for you.”

The clients ultimately chose to go with pre-weathered—a bright silver with blueish-gray undertones that blended perfectly with the existing siding and trim.

An added bonus: Englert’s ULTRA-Cool™ low-gloss paint line reflects the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere—as opposed to absorbing the heat like a traditional roofing system. This dramatically reduces the energy required to cool the home during the summer, and thus lowers its carbon footprint.

More Sustainability Benefits

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“Architects, developers, and homeowners today are all concerned about sustainability, and we’re incorporating that into all of our offerings,” Thomas says. “That includes our metal roofs themselves.”

The aluminum used in the roofing system of the Bald Head Island home is made from approximately 97% recycled materials and can be recycled itself someday. That won’t be for some time, though—the durability of Englert’s systems means the company can offer a 35-year guaranteed warranty.

“Compare the quality and durability of our aluminum with steel, which can corrode in less than 10 years in the salty seaside air,” Thomas says.

The project was finished in February 2021, with enough time to prepare for the summer vacation season. The home and its sleek new roof now stands out from its neighbors, whose roofs are mostly adorned with traditional asphalt shingles. But perhaps that may change soon.

“Whenever we finish a home, you’ll have neighbors come and ask where they got their new roof,” Thomas says. “Word of mouth is how we get a lot of our customers. The product speaks for itself.”