Imagine a floating home that can generate a year’s worth of energy in just six months. Now picture this sustainable structure as a sleek, well-designed, completely customizable weekend getaway or summer lake house. Lucky for anyone who can afford the price tag, this dreamy mobile piece of architecture is a reality and can be shipped almost anywhere in the world, as its prefab nature allows it to be easily stored in two standard shipping containers.

The company behind the design, Friday, is a spin-off of Portugal’s University of Coimbra that “brings together design, engineering, certification, and marketing competencies focused on creating technologically advanced nautical and water related leisure devices and equipment.” The company’s other offering is a two-person compact submarine, but for now, learn more about this buoyant green getaway.



Modularity \moj-uh-lar-i-tee\ (noun) 

The use of individually distinct units, as in assembling an electronic or mechanical system. As far as the design goes, Floatwing can function as a “romantic getaway for two” or “a mobile house in the middle of a lake for the entire family or a group of friends.” A cozy studio, or a fully furnished three-bedroom home—you decide.

Autonomy \ȯ-ˈtä-nə-mē\ (noun) 

The state of existing or acting separately from others. When charged, this floating home is self-sufficient for at least seven days, leaving a wide array of traveling opportunities while aboard and enough electricity for the full kitchen, heat pump, AC generator, and wine cellar (yes, wine cellar). Floatwing produces up to 100% of its own energy needs after six months, and the period of autonomy can extend up to one year with some stored fuel and bags of pellets.

Eco-conscious \ˈē-kō-ˌkän(t)-shəs, ˈe-\ (adjective) 

Marked by showing concern for the environment. Three of the four available models come equipped with solar panels, with the exclusion being solar panel ready should the owner so choose to add them on. The entire structure has been designed with “low environmentally impactful materials and technologies that reduce its carbon footprint.” The house also boasts a sludge wastewater treatment plant, ample daylighting, and great options for natural ventilation.



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