[Photo: Courtesy of Deus Modern]

Deus Modern delivers high design—plus premium functionality.

When David Grisham started his own product design company he had one goal in mind—“to showcase how design can radically change an experience.”

Deus Modern started as a side project for Grisham, who was laid off as an architect during the 2009 recession. Grisham was unhappy with the quality and poor functionality of traditional mailbox design. “The things you use on a daily basis that are poorly designed detract from your joy instead of adding to it,” he says. “Why not appreciate those little moments that make up your day?” So he designed a better mailbox, listed it for sale, and what started out as a small, fun Etsy shop quickly grew into a full-fledged business.

The thing that houses your personal letters, important documents, birthday cards, and even bills should be an extension of your modern and thoughtfully designed home, Grisham says. “People want to stand out. Nothing says curb appeal like a well-designed mailbox. It’s the first thing you see,” he says.

Deus Modern assembles all mailboxes in their Nashville workshop to ensure quality craftsmanship and innovation. They offer both quick ship and customizable design options, with a focus on functionality and durability.


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Deus Modern’s mailboxes can be customized to meet any need. [Photo: Courtesy of Deus Modern]


Customers can choose from a variety of architectural finishes. Numbers and addresses are laser cut into the stainless steel outer shell. Add LED lights if you want for added flair.

Critical to note: Every space is different, so experts should be consulted when designing a comfort system to ensure acceptable levels of occupant comfort are achieved.

Seamless Bottom

No bolts or other hardware are present on the seamless bottom of the mailbox, so mail will never catch and tear.


Deus Modern mailboxes are designed to last decades, cutting down on environmental waste. No plastic is used, and all wood species naturally resist rot. “From my years as an architect, I learned the most sustainable practice is to be intentional about the experiences and products we design.” 

[Photo: Courtesy of Deus Modern]

Stainless Steel

Components are made with stainless steel—not mild steel like many traditional mailboxes—to resist rust. They’re backed by an ironclad warranty. 

Internal Flag

Unlike mailboxes where the flag is screwed into the outside, the Deus Modern flag is integrated into the mailbox like a kitchen drawer. You can slide it out when it’s needed, then tuck it away when it’s not.

Magnet Clasp

A Rare Earth magnet clasp on the mailbox door is strong and secure, ensuring the door stays closed. Say goodbye to rain-soaked mail. 

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