Story at a glance:

  • Digital wallcoverings from Koroseal are customized so the illustrations, photography, or design elements fit the space.
  • In summer 2023 Koroseal launched 11 new, exclusive designs—including four designs that explore both playful and nature-based trends.

There is so much to consider as a designer when thinking about interiors—cool or warm lighting, how materials carry sound, daily movement throughout the space. But what’s at the heart of every project? Ultimately, it’s how it will make people feel.

That can be a tricky place to navigate, especially in large commercial spaces. For example, in a hospital, patients are likely to be anxious while medical staff require concentration. In an office building there are spaces for large meetings, collaborative brainstorming, and heads-down work. Hotels serve families, executives, and solo travelers—all with different needs.

The key to creating a successful design is personalization—and digital wallcoverings can have a big impact. The use of digital wallcoverings allows designers more flexibility and creative freedom, whether they’re looking to cultivate a soft environment, an energizing and illustrated landscape, or anything in between.

Digital Wallcoverings 101

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Photo courtesy of Koroseal

Koroseal is a manufacturer, distributor, and design company focusing on durable wallcoverings for commercial spaces in hospitality, health care, office, retail, and multi-family residential. For designers they offer an all-in-one experience that caters to those who want to create a memorable space. The company’s digital wallcovering experience allows clients to develop truly special projects.

“We have curated designs, or we can start with a design the client brings to us. It could be a photo, or even a feeling, and they work with our in-house designers who guide them all the way through to a flawless installation,” says Traci Kloos, vice president of design and development for Koroseal Interior Products. “With our digital wallcoverings there really are no parameters. No boundaries—totally free to dream.”

There really are no parameters.

A digital wallcovering means the illustrations, photography, or design elements are customized to fit the space. Designers can play with scale and color, work with existing interior details, and incorporate wayfinding markers all while making sure the wallcoverings blend smoothly.

The digital design can be printed on a variety of substrates that elevate and enhance the final product. Vinyl is one of the more common materials used in wallcoverings because it’s so versatile. Designs can also be printed on mylar, familiar to most as the shiny, metallic material used in party balloons, and also on wood veneer.

Offering eco-friendly options is important to Koroseal, too. The company manufactures Option E—a vinyl made from post-consumer recycled materials. Their manufactured products are also sourced in the US, and water-based inks are used in printing. There are also no toxic smells when you use wallcoverings, unlike how there can be with painted interiors—another environmental benefit.

A Seamless, Guided Process

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Photo courtesy of Koroseal

Timing and cost are the two most important aspects of any project. Koroseal spends a lot of time with clients to guide them through the design process. The company ensures clients end up with a product that meets every need.

“Our team of skilled design professionals excels in turning ideas and inspirations into works of art that elevate your space, leaving an instant and lasting impression on anyone that enters,” says Wayne Melton, manager of digital graphic design at Koroseal.

There’s an extensive library of existing designs and tons of inspiration on Koroseal’s website. No time is wasted—if a product sample or memo is requested the company has those ready to ship thanks to in-house manufacturing.

It’s important to leave enough time to refine the final product, too, Kloos says. “Think about how the design will change based on the substrate. For example, the silver mylar adds a beautiful pearlescence to the finished wallcovering. We’ll help you envision the final product and work backwards from there.”

Staying on Trend

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Photo courtesy of Koroseal

Koroseal has manufactured wallcoverings for a long time; the company has operated for nearly 65 years. They’ve seen it all and do extensive research to ensure their products continue to be inventive. Designers monitor trends throughout the year, and Koroseal issues an annual forecast that informs new collections.

“Changing designs is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Our team talks and tracks different segments like workplaces, health care facilities, hospitality, education, and retail. We look at different demographics to see what resonates with certain age groups and how they’re interpreting product design,” Kloos says.

Because of the flexibility and creative freedom, digital wallcoverings are usually more trend-forward. Some newer digital designs include beautiful ombre colors and abstract panoramic scenes that couldn’t previously be produced in the traditional manufacturing process.

Koroseal’s designer partners have expertise in certain sectors. Take, for example, Kurt Johnson, who specializes in healing, nature-based photography. The elements of biophilic design—bringing nature indoors—are essential for spaces focused on wellness and healing. Another designer, Sarah Rowland, focuses on creating bespoke, hand-drawn illustrations. Her art often plays with color combinations in clever ways that offer clients something unexpected and delightful.

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Photo courtesy of Koroseal

As of late summer 2023, Koroseal has launched 11 exclusive designs. The most recent launch contains four new designs that explore both playful and nature-based trends. One novelty design, Furry Connections, is a whimsical foliage pattern inspired by the unconditional love of dogs and cats, while Corrugated Exploration is a rhythmic, geometric design with textural depth. Two more abstract designs evoke joyful energy.

“Our large-scale design is called Jollity, which mimics the feeling of meandering down a quiet path with pops of bright colors. It has a hint of chartreuse—a color we’ve seen in a lot of editorials lately. Then, Awaken Valley, features soft gradient landscapes. It’s like putting yourself in a dream,” Kloos says.

The design and manufacturing process for digital wallcoverings at Koroseal is tailored to each client and each project. That’s what really makes an interior feel intentional, detailed, and personal. “We want the process to be as seamless as possible. Our team is here to be a guide for the client,” Kloos says.