Glass interior walls are hot but only become really practical if you can use them in all directions: horizontally, vertically, with whatever thickness of glass, with or without a glass door integrated into it. A corner and end pole have recently become available, which offers even more options for dividing up spaces without loss of light.

Corners and Ends

The divina range was expanded with a very slim corner pole (38 mm) and an end pole (35 mm). With the corner pole you can connect two Divina walls in a 90-degree setup, creating corners or even complete booths. The end pole then nicely finishes the edge if you leave it open. Both use 1 outfit for the different glass thicknesses, with the same unique and intuitive ‘turn ‘n click’ system for the standard profiles. The corner and the side poles can be adjusted horizontally and vertically by 5 millimeters, just like the standard divina wall profiles.

Functional and Aesthetic Structure

Thanks to Arlu’s divina system for glass interior walls, you keep all options open to divide an interior without having to sacrifice light. Thanks to the specially developed, incorporated adjustment blocks, the position of the wall can be adjusted by 5 millimeters both horizontally and vertically. Thanks to the “turn and click'” system, the innovative aluminum structure can handle different glass thicknesses (6 to 10 millimeters for tempered and 33.1 to 55.2 millimeters for laminated glass) without having to glue the glass panels into the profiles. This makes (dis)assembly extra easy, without the risk of glass breakage. With glass panels up to 2.8 meters high and 1.5 meters wide, this ensures an industrial but minimalist look in residential and commercial applications such as restaurants and offices.

Hinges and Locks

Divina goes further than the existing solutions in the field of glass interior walls: with the option of integrating a floor-to-ceiling door up to 2,800 millimeters, fitted with invisibly integrated and 3D adjustable tyo hinges. This means that the sleek design of the profiles is not interrupted. A first in the market for walls and doors in a steel look. Even more, the argenta magnotica pro magnetic lock is also invisibly incorporated in the profile, makes a locking mechanism otiose and remains invisible even when the door is open. A joint seal between the door and the wall also provides better acoustic damping and better insulation.

Red Dot Product Award

Divina was awarded a Red Dot Product Award. The jury was particularly impressed by the added value of this partition wall system for easily, quickly and qualitatively dividing up spaces and at the same time connecting them seamlessly.