Story at a glance:

  • Sustainable manufacturing company Delos has launched the Shiny Objects Collection, a new line of customizable rugs.
  • The rugs are made from eco-friendly wool that has been infused with ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon.
  • The new collection aligns with the company’s commitment to using eco-friendly and renewable materials.

Delos, a family-owned and operated manufacturing company, combines innovation with craftsmanship to create custom rugs and carpets using renewable materials. Sustainable furniture is central to the company’s mission, and the eco-friendly Delos rugs from their new collection, Shiny Objects, are no exception.

“Sustainability drives our processes at Delos. We manufacture with today’s newest earth-friendly fibers like PET made from recycled water bottles and ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon made from discarded fishing nets,” says Ivan Phillips, co-owner of Delos. “We are committed to doing our absolute best to serve our clients and our planet.”

The Shiny Objects Collection, which launched on January 7, is Delos’ new line of on-trend custom rugs. The collection—made from eco-friendly New Zealand wool and stitched with ECONYL 100% regenerated nylon—comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

These are just a few of the design details that we love about the Shiny Objects Collection.

1. Eco-Friendly and Regenerated Materials

eco friendly delos rugs shiny objects shiny penny

Photo courtesy of Delos

Delos’ plush New Zealand wool is sustainable, biodegradable, and safe to recycle and reuse. It is also hypoallergenic and can filter out harmful VOCs, leading to better indoor air quality.

However, the wool’s infusion with ECONYL nylon, which creates a shimmering and metallic texture, elevates the collection’s sustainability. Manufactured from discarded fishing nets and reclaimed carpets, ECONYL Yarn by Aquafil is both 100% regenerated and 100% regenerable for future use.

The use of ECONYL contributes to LEED credits in four categories: integrative process, material and resources, indoor environmental quality, and innovation.

2. Colors, Patterns, and Textures

eco friendly delos rugs shiny objects disco ball

Photo courtesy of Delos

The Shiny Objects Collection takes “custom” to a new level. In addition to the 10 suggested options, you can choose from 144 New Zealand wool colors to pair with one of five ECONYL metallic accent yarns (charcoal, copper, gold, rose gold, and silver).

The metallic accents pop against the plush wool, creating a vibrant, textured rug that will not fade into the background.

3. Customizable Sizes

eco friendly delos rugs living room office

Photo courtesy of Delos

Customizability is central to the collection. The eco-friendly Delos rugs can be custom-made up to 13’6”x60’ or 15’6”x40’ without seaming, along with any size or shape within these parameters.

“Delos is known for unique texture combinations and yarn mixes for custom projects. Our interior design clients tell us they enjoy maximum creative flexibility with Delos via fiber options, colors, unlimited sizes and shapes, and the ability to turn projects fast. The Shiny Objects Collection is a beautiful example of our best effort,” says Leah Phillips, co-owner of Delos, in a press release.