111 Navy Chair
Emeco style plus Coca-Cola plastic equals the 111 Navy Chair, so named for the number of bottles it takes to create each one. Made from a recycled plastic mix—65% rPET and 35% glass fiber and pigments—the chair is as durable as its aluminum counterpart and comes with a five-year warranty. In addition to red, it comes in Snow, Flint Gray, Grass Green, Persimmon, and Charcoal.

111 Navy Chair

Living Architecture, by Rachel Armstrong
Known for its filmed lecture series, TED now runs a publishing imprint, offering e-books that explore a single idea. Following her TED Talk on “growing” a new foundation for Venice, Italy, architect Rachel Armstrong offers Living Architecture. If it’s not the first time someone’s discussed the idea, it might be the most clearly articulated—a groundbreaking (or ground-creating, perhaps) idea packaged in a potentially revolutionary form.

iPad 2 Cover

Moby Los Angeles Architecture
If you want an eclectic, personal (and, for some reason, lowercase) account of SoCal architectural design, search no further than Moby Los Angeles Architecture, the blog Moby began in early 2012. The electronic musician muses about the Works Progress Administration, cement plants, and Buckminster Fuller. He’s an amusing celebrity observer, unlike some, and his photography—all rendered in black and white—is surprisingly worthwhile. Architects, Angelenos, and music fans all should find something to enjoy.

The Morpholio app is kind of like project-management software meets a monograph meets Facebook. The app allows architects, designers, and others to share images, provide access to collaborators, and get feedback from viewers, and its Eye Time function allows users to see how long viewers spend on each image. Morpholio was created by Mark Collins, Toru Hasegawa, Anna Kenoff, and Jeffrey Kenoff, and is available for iPhone and iPad. Download it free.

Nest, the “learning thermostat,” may be smarter than you. Not only does it learn your behaviors in order to conserve energy while you’re away, but also recommends better temperatures than the ones you suggest—temperatures that will help you conserve energy. Nest is more than just eco-friendly—it connects to your laptop or mobile phone and doesn’t skimp on design. Visit the website for availability.

If building materials were a high-school class, glass would be the cool kid. It’s beautiful, versatile, and increasingly sustainable. It lets light in while simultaneously reflecting solar gain. But though it’s already popular, ThinkGlass wants to crown it king. The glassmaker, based in Boisbriand, Quebec, uses a unique process and state-of-the-art custom ovens to create architectural glass whose options seem to be nearing infinity. Countertops, bars, flooring, and art installations barely scratch the surface.