ECHOPanel Acoustics

(pictured above) Kirei’s beautifully designed new acoustic panels and tiles absorb unwanted noise while adding a pop of colorful flair to any space. Made from recycled PET plastic bottles and environmentally friendly dyes, they’re also 100% recyclable.

Better Shelter

Conflict and natural disasters displace millions, and Better Shelter develops and provides innovative housing solutions for those affected. The simple structures feature roofs with ventilation and a solar panel that can charge a cell phone and also generates enough power for four hours of LED light.

Make It Right

We’ve long been a fan of Brad Pitt’s nonprofit, but it deserves a new nod considering the first three Cradle-to-Cradle-inspired LEED Platinum homes (of 20 planned) were recently delivered to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, addressing a serious housing shortage for the reservation’s more than 6,000 people.

Sol-lux Alpha

This upcoming project will be the first Passive House apartment complex in San Francisco, and it’s set to be net-positive to boot. Off The Grid Design LLC, The Klein Family Trust, RG Architecture, and more are bringing this ultra energy efficient complex to life, which will also serve as a microgrid, powering itself even if the main power grid goes down.

Bringing Up Girls

Taking noble strides to bridge the gender gap in the field of sustainability, the USGBC recently launched a mentorship program in partnership with the Girl Scouts to help young girls gain confidence in STEM-related subjects. Turn to p. 38 to learn more from the program’s founders and directors.

New Eco Homes: New Ideas for Sustainable Living

Written by Manel Gutierrez and published by HarperCollins, this collection of the latest innovations in sustainable architecture features 35 diverse homes and explores various aspects of modern eco-design with pages and pages of beautiful photography.