Copeland Furniture

Copeland Furniture makes modern statement pieces without sacrificing environmental integrity. [Photo: Courtesy of Copeland Furniture]

Copeland Furniture

In the small town of Bradford, Vermont, Copeland Furniture makes beautiful wooden furniture for every room of the house. The company offers both individual pieces and furniture sets, with cohesive styles, like their Dynamic Waves Bedroom Collection or their sleek Catalina Home Office Set. With a mission to constantly improve the sustainability of their designs, Copeland makes modern statement pieces without sacrificing environmental integrity.

Greg Klassen

[Photo: Courtesy of Greg Klassen]

Greg Klassen

Designer Greg Klassen finds creative ways to bring outdoor landscapes to indoor furniture. He creates tables and artwork using natural wood, evoking forest scenes and blue glass resembling water. His Claro Walnut River Coffee Table combines the sleek lines of cut wood with the winding glass “river” that runs through it. His masterful carpentry and design brings scenes of hikes and lake swims into your living room.

[Photo: Courtesy of Shirasu Kabe]

Shirasu Kabe Plaster Wall Finish

Wall paint doesn’t have to be bland and flat; Shirasu Kabe Plaster Wall Finish offers stunning wall textures and colors that serve a purpose. With a range of designs from bark to swirls, the wall finish also controls room dryness by adding or subtracting humidity according to room conditions and purifies the air due to its organic ceramic magma makeup. The finish can be applied over any painted surface containing latex primer.

Angle Lake Station Brooks + Scarpa

Brooks + Scarpa designed Angle Lake Station in Seatac, Washington. [Photo: Benjamin Benschneider Photography]

Ordinary and Extraordinary: Brooks + Scarpa

The book Ordinary and Extraordinary: Brooks + Scarpa provides insight into the history and design philosophy of the Los Angeles–based architecture group Brooks + Scarpa. The author is the award-winning arts editorial writer Tibby Rothman, who highlights the many successful and stunning projects from Brooks + Scarpa and shares their innovative sustainable design methods. The book’s sleek design reflects the dynamic and innovative style of the architecture it exhibits.

Terrestrial Podcast

This narrative NPR podcast focuses on how environmental changes like drought or air pressure may influence people, as each episode provides an outlook on the physical and psychological effects of ecological shifts. The Terrestrial podcast tells the stories of people like the environmentalist who questions whether, ethically, she should travel on airplanes to episodes that take a deeper dive into policy shifts.

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