Enscape, a leading provider of 3D real-time visualization and virtual reality technology for architects and designers, announced it will leverage NVIDIA DLSS Deep Learning Super Sampling technology to help AEC firms get access to the latest real-time rendering technology. Integrating NVIDIA’s AI technology into Enscape’s cutting-edge rendering software means users can get better quality and performance with lower system requirements to create a more realistic experience during walkthroughs and exports for clients.

“Architects and designers globally are looking for ways to quickly and easily visualize their designs and bring them closer to reality. Enscape is partnering with innovative organizations to address this challenge,” says Christian Lang, CEO of Enscape. “We’re proud to be working with NVIDIA to provide our architecture and design customers around the world access to high-quality real-time rendering and visualization technology.”

Users will get access to the NVIDIA DLSS technology in Enscape 3.1. The deep learning-based upscaling technique renders internally at a lower resolution but outputs a clean and sharp high-resolution image for high-quality videos and high-performance virtual reality walkthroughs. With NVIDIA DLSS enabled, video rendering time decreases, quality increases, and visual distortions are removed. Users can enjoy the improved real-time performance of walkthroughs and higher frame rates with much lower GPU requirements. This latest technology is available to users with an NVIDIA RTX graphics card.

“NVIDIA DLSS is a great example of artificial intelligence delivering practical benefits to improve industry workflows,” says Andrew Rink, head of AEC industry marketing strategy at NVIDIA. “AEC customers using NVIDIA RTX GPUs will be delighted at the innovative way Enscape has integrated our technology to enhance their powerful rendering software.”

With Enscape and NVIDIA DLSS, users can also take advantage of the latest generation of high-res VR headsets and enjoy high-performance virtual reality experiences.

Enscape’s real-time 3D rendering and virtual reality solution brings visual exploration directly into numerous modeling tools, including Autodesk Revit, SketchUp, Rhinoceros, ArchiCAD, and Vectorworks, providing an integrated visualization and design workflow.

With Enscape 3.1, users can enjoy many other new features and improvements that will make it even easier for architects and designers worldwide to visualize as they design directly from their modeling software.