Enscape, a leading provider of real-time rendering, visualization, and virtual reality software for the AEC industry, announced the completion of its SDK integration into TestFit, software for determining the feasibility of a given building. Enscape’s SDK will allow TestFit users to leverage Enscape’s real-time rendering engine to visualize commodity buildings such as apartments, offices, hotels, industrial buildings, and parking structures during the feasibility phase.

“We chose Enscape because they are the best technically and most invested in AEC,” says Clifton Harness, CEO at TestFit. “The ability to leverage Enscape’s technology is going to bring significant value to TestFit’s users during site planning. Oftentimes, the first step users take after TestFit is to get a building into Enscape. This significantly shortens this route, and indeed the route of further iterations, by giving users instant building design and quantities, with stakeholder renderings—all within one application.”

Enscape’s real-time rendering engine in TestFit means its real estate developers and architecture clients can present property plans to key stakeholders with a much higher level of presentation quality and with easier workflows. The integration also means clients no longer need to export projects into an authoring software program to visualize them with Enscape.

“We’re happy to have TestFit as our first SDK partner, offering our real-time rendering engine in more tools dedicated to improving the design process of the built environment,” says Christian Lang, CEO at Enscape. “This integration will make the initial phase of property planning much more visual and efficient for TestFit users and all project stakeholders.”

By making the Enscape SDK available to selected technology companies in the AEC industry, Enscape demonstrates its commitment to making innovative design technology accessible and collaboratively improving the design and delivery of the built environment.