Business is brisk for Energy Edge Technologies Corporation. Founded in 2004 in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and publicly traded as EEDG, the company has seen a significant uptick in companies finding a path to their door, and it’s not hard to understand why.

“If we tell you we will save $100,000, and we only save $90,000, we will write you a check for the $10,000.”

Rob Holdsworth, Energy Edge

“If your company is paying $15,000 or more per month in utility costs, we will provide a free assessment of your facility on how to reduce your energy bill by 8 percent to 30 percent or more,” founder and president Rob Holdsworth says. On top of that, if you hire Energy Edge to do the job they will back up their guarantee to deliver those savings with an insurance policy that pays if there is a shortfall. “If we tell you we will save $100,000 and we only save $90,000, we will write you a check for the $10,000,” Holdsworth says.

It doesn’t matter the kind of facility; some of Energy Edge’s clients have included Pepperidge Farm, Lockheed Martin, Yuengling Brewing, AGFA, Key Food Supermarkets, Integra, among many others. “What we bring to our customers is a whole-facility approach to energy-cost reduction,” Holdsworth says. “The core of our business is to provide a multitude of engineering approaches in combination with state-of-the-art technologies and best-in-class energy-conservation practices.”

A simple lighting retrofit, such as this one at a Pepperidge Farm production facility, improves the quality of the work space, reduces energy use, and saves money.

Typically Energy Edge aims for a return on investment of two years or less but does nothing more than 36 months. Backed by an insurance policy from an A+-rated insurance company, the Energy Edge team guarantees their performance. “We take all of the financial risk out of the buying decision for our customers,” Holdsworth says. “We haven’t missed our numbers yet in all our years in business.”Energy Edge might hit a home run with a new lighting or mechanical system, but most of the time the highest return comes from an aggregate of several moderate measures put together. After an initial assessment of the facility, the firm can offer third-party procurement services to ensure the best price for utilities, including options for available renewable sources. In addition, Energy Edge will calculate the return on investment for each energy-cost-reduction measure and wrap up the entire cost with financing for the project. Clients don’t have to come out of pocket for any of the initial costs.