Entrematic fan

Entrematic fans come in all colors and styles, so you decide whether they stand out or blend in. [Photo: Courtesy of Entrematic]

Thanks to their customizable designs and sleek aesthetics, these HVLS fans enhance spaces, whether you want to stand out or blend in

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Two striking applications by a pair of distinctive brands illustrate the customizable potential of Entrematic’s commercial fans. At In-N-Out Burger’s distribution centers, the bright red fans complement In-N-Out’s iconic red and yellow color scheme. Distribution centers for Monster Energy also employ appropriately colored fans, with the black blades sporting green winglets.

While there’s no question that these fans are also sleek and aesthetically attractive, their customizability—including the ability to choose almost any color imaginable—is what makes them adaptable to a wide variety of scenarios. Among the commercial uses Entrematic touts for its fans are health and fitness centers, retail spaces, and municipal buildings. Dan Linder, Entrematic HVLS sales manager, adds that Entrematic’s fans have become especially popular choices for school and college gyms and cafeterias.

Entrematic fan

Entrematic fans can be customized with a pop of color or rustic design, but no matter what you choose, they’re quiet.
[Photo: Courtesy of Entrematic]

Russ Hazzard, principal architect and president of MG2, worked to put Entrematic’s industrial fans in Costco warehouses around the country. He stresses that this flexibility is key for designers. “Having options in terms of aesthetics and color allows the design team to modify design elements to reflect the tastes of the client,” Hazzard says. Moreover, Hazzard says the design of the blades enhances their appeal. “Without question, the [fans’] frame cover gives them a sophisticated, sleek look.”

Costco’s massive warehouses represented a case where the fans were required to blend into their environment rather than stick out. While Costco employs the industrial fans—which offer larger blade lengths than the commercial fans, but their shape is identical—their customizable nature also came in handy in this scenario. Hazzard notes that each Costco prototype features two of Entrematic’s industrial fans near the checkout lanes.

Using white fans that mimicked the white ceilings, architects were able to make the fans effectively “disappear” from Costco customers’ sights. This was a strategic decision, Hazzard says. “Costco doesn’t want members’ eyes drifting up. They want their attention focused on the products on the floor.”

In commercial settings, Linder says Entrematic wanted its commercial fans to be low-profile and sleek, so they don’t have quite the same look as the fans in Costco. The focus on appearance came as a response to market demands, he says. Designers appreciated the amount of air the larger fans could move around, but didn’t want the overly industrial look; the commercial fans represent a compromise solution for architects.

There are even occasions where the fans’ visual appeal complements their other virtues. For example, Linder points out that the fans have been successful in horse stables—they’re quiet enough to not disturb the horses and can be coated to match the stables’ wood finishing.

Entrematic fan

[Photo: Courtesy of Entrematic]

For those who seek out fans primarily for their energy-saving potential, Linder assures there’s no trade-off between aesthetic value and energy savings; the fans are visually striking in addition to their energy efficiency, not in exchange for it. That’s because they were designed from the ground up to not sacrifice performance or visual appeal. “Fortunately, the motor we chose allowed us to get the aesthetics we wanted,” Linder says.

Using Entrematic fans can create a perceived temperature change in a building of about 4–7 degrees, which allows for a 3–5 degree thermostat adjustment—in both summer and winter—with about 3% of energy savings per degree. Taken in total, these fans can help to save as much as 15% off a typical commercial space’s energy bill.

In other words, Entrematic’s fans’ energy efficiency makes them green—and in some cases, they’re literally green, too.

Entrematic By the Numbers

Watts of power used by Entrematic fans at max performance
Percentage of max power required for the fans to achieve 4-7 degree perceived temperature change
Number of residential fans needed to equal the amount of air moved by one Entrematic commercial fan
Energy savings for each degree of temperature change caused by fans
Improved efficiency rate of Costco HVAC system over 10 years, thanks in part to Entrematic industrial fans