Story at a glance:

  • Vitra shares an updated take on the classic cantilever chair, the EVO-C, designed by Jasper Morrison.
  • The use of a single material gives EVO-C a cohesive appearance.
  • The sustainable design is made entirely of 100% recyclable polypropylene.

Switzerland-based Vitra recently unveiled EVO-C, a Jasper Morrison update of the iconic 1926 cantilever chair.

The new seat combines the modern and classic—using simple, sustainable materials and keeping comfort in mind.

“It’s a quiet enough shape, and its modernity is balanced by a curvaceousness, which can seem almost decorative in older interiors,” Morrison said in an interview with Vitra’s magazine.

These are just a few of the design details we love about EVO-C.

Evolving Form

panton chair vitra

The 1959 Panton Chair. Photo courtesy of Vitra

Dutch architect Mart Stam brought the cantilever chair to life in 1926. He built his design around using two legs to support the base.

In 1959 the chair evolved to become one piece entirely made from plastic. Called the Panton chair, it was created by Verner Panton. The plastic design illuminates the geometric form and is still manufactured and sold today.

Today Morrison pays homage to the classics with a beautiful update. EVO-C’s curved design allows for a silhouette that’s so graceful the chair almost disappears behind the sitter.


evo-c vitra chair

EVO-C featured in ivory. Photo courtesy of Vitra

Morrison brought the cantilever design into the 21st century using gas injection molding technology. This method allowed the designer to recreate the original hollow steel construction with 100% recyclable polypropylene.

Similar to the steel tubes from the 1921 cantilever chair, Morrison’s reconstruction with polypropylene measures with the same strength and properties. Comparatively, while the 1926 chair consisted of hollow steel to create the structure, Morrison created the hollowed polypropylene construction of the EVO-C.

This modern engineering paves the way for an even brighter future of sustainable furniture design.


evo-c vitra chair

EVO-C, featured in poppy red. Photo courtesy of Vitra

Vitra offers EVO-C in four colors to fit a variety of home decor color schemes, all in a sophisticated matte finish.

Graphite gray and ivory offer a muted look that’s versatile enough to fit alongside any modern decor while also blending in with a more diverse color palette.

Poppy red stands out and makes a statement in any room.

Light mint is relaxing with just a hint of color accompanying the EVO-C design.