Excel Dryer’s most recent product, the XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer, is featured in VIP facilities in Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. The dryer is sold domestically with the D|13 Sink System. Photo: Courtesy of Excel Dryer]

The D|13 Sink System and Excel Dryer’s new XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer are a perfect hand-wash pair.

The New England Patriots treat their VIP members to the best of the best. Their two pregame hospitality areas boast comfortable seating, unmatched views, and gourmet game day foods. But one of the most impressive features they offer to their diehard fans is in the last place you’d expect: the bathroom.

To honor their promise to make VIPs feel like the very important people they are, the Patriots invested in cutting-edge restroom design, the focal point being an integrated sink system that features Excel Dryer’s most recent product, the XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer. The dryer is sold in the U.S. in tandem with the D|13 Sink System, designed by D|13 Group.

Excel Dryer’s designs are also featured in facilities in MGM National Harbor. [Photo: Courtesy of Excel Dryer]

Perfect Match

William Gagnon, owner and vice president of marketing and sales at Excel Dryer, says Excel Dryer and D|13 Group were the perfect match, combining the dryer and sink basin that were designed specifically to work together to create the ultimate user experience. The depth and angles of the basin can accommodate the dryer’s high-speed air flow and effectively keep water in the sink and off the user. “The D|13 Sink System is the result of seven years’ collaboration, research, and design, making it unique to the market,” Gagnon says. That collaboration led to the creation of a product that simplifies and speeds up the hand-washing process.

Few enjoy spending more time in the restroom than necessary. Rather than waiting for the dryer to be free or awkwardly squeezing past a fellow hand-washer to get a pump of soap from a middle-placed dispenser, the entire process is made quicker by uniting the soap dispenser, faucet, and XLERATORsync at the head of the basin.

For facility employees, the sink system offers efficiency by keeping the restroom cleaner. In bathrooms without the system, washed hands perpetually drip without avail, leaving bathroom floors soaking wet as users aimlessly wander for paper towels. All excess water from the D|13 Sink System goes straight from faucet to hands to drain, keeping the restroom free of mess and making things more hygienic.

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Photo: Courtesy of Excel Dryer

[Photo: Courtesy of Excel Dryer]

Good for the Planet

Both companies felt strongly about ensuring their product was not only good for customers and employees, but also the planet. “Excel Dryer has been long-committed to creating innovative, environmentally responsible products,” Gagnon says. “The XLERATORsync takes this to the next level in green restroom design.”

Dryers are inherently greener than other hand-drying alternatives like paper towels. If every year each U.S. household used one less paper towel roll, roughly 544,000 trees could be saved annually, according to Better Planet Paper. But alongside the D|13 Sink System, XLERATORsync takes that assumed sustainability a step further.

The system uses recycled, FSC-certified materials and contributes toward a building’s LEED certification and reduces energy by arriving onsite ready to be installed. “The D|13 Sink System is the most hygienic, sustainable and cost effective way to wash and dryer hands,” Gagnon says. In addition, the product contributes toward a building’s LEED certification and reduces energy by arriving onsite ready to be installed.

Saves Money

For many, a desire to be sustainable is stunted when the bill arrives. But the D|13 Sink System offers both sustainability and affordability due to the budget cuts it makes long-term. “Because D|13 will custom manufacture the product and sell it direct, it significantly reduces the cost making it more affordable than integrated systems sold through the normal distribution channels,” Gagnon says.

Because the system is ready for installation as soon as it reaches its destination, it reduces time and resources—which both cost money—alongside energy. “The Sink System is designed for simple, accurate installation; the counter and cabinet components arrive partially assembled and the system includes a template designating optimum locations for electrical, drains and water,” Gagnon says. “Brackets are pre-drilled to provide maximum flexibility in installation. D|13 Group can work with you to arrange installation services, or they can be handled by a plumber or any solid surface fabricator.”

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Plus, it reduces the need to purchase all the items it doesn’t include. As the ultimate three-in-one, the system eliminates the necessity of purchasing multiple sinks, dispensers, and dryers or other drying alternatives. When the Patriots rid themselves of paper towels and chose the D|13 Sink System and the XLERATOR® Hand Dryers to use in their stadium restrooms, they saved 95% versus paper towel costs, maintenance and waste, according to Excel Dryer’s case study of the facilities.

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