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[Photo: Courtesy of Excel Dryer]

Excel Dryer has revolutionized the industry by creating the world’s first high-speed hand dryer.

Excel Dryer is making its way around the world in the most responsible way possible. That small but mighty hand dryer you have undoubtedly encountered in public restrooms is saving huge amounts of paper towel waste—and money, too. Plus, you get that added bonus of never having to dry your hands on your pants again.

For more than 50 years, Excel Dryer has been making high-quality products. The company has revolutionized the industry by creating the world’s first high-speed hand dryer. They turned what was once a slow and underutilized technique for slicking away water into a popular sought-after method. Gone are the days of the loud, 30-second, low-speed dryer, which, after all that waiting, still leaves you with damp hands. Instead, Excel’s products quietly blow air on your hands, leaving them completely dry in as little as 8 seconds and giving you a practical reason to stop using paper towels.

Excel Dryer Hand Dryer

[Photo: Courtesy of Excel Dryer]

And Excel is not done innovating. The company recently teamed up with Gensler to design the XLERATOR Sink System. This three-in-one soap, rinsing, and dryer invention makes washing your hands easier than ever. “The dryer is built into the hand-washing process by simply being step number three,” says William Gagnon, vice president of marketing and sales at Excel Dryer.

Excel is the only hand dryer to be Made in USA Certified, keeping the business homegrown while reducing the human carbon footprint globally. It is also the first manufacturer to publish third party verified environmental product declarations (EPDs). The EPD demonstrates Excel’s commitment to transparency and positions the company as a leader for environmentally conscious manufacturing. Excel has also shown its commitment to maintaining a standard of sustainability for its workplace as well as its products with its LEED Gold certified offices.

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Excel Dryer Hand Dryer

[Photo: Courtesy of Excel]

Excel Dryers have been used in all sorts of environments—from high-traffic commercial landmarks to stylish, modern local spots—providing a complementary look for any space. The company’s XLERATOR dryers have been installed throughout prominent airports and train stations. In John F. Kennedy International Airport, Excel Dryers make it easier for stressed passengers rushing to make their boarding time.

Excel Dryers are also featured in New York’s iconic Grand Central Terminal; the beautifully grandiose station with timeless architecture is filled with hundreds of thousands of travelers making pit stops before catching their next train. And as Gagnon said, “There’s a reason why so many high-traffic facilities have turned to Excel Dryer. We make a product that people can depend on, for facilities of all sizes and traffic flow.”

Excel Dryer’s XLERATOR, Brooklyn Bowl

Excel Dryer’s XLERATOR® Hand Dryers use electricity to quickly dry (in as little as eight seconds) the hands of up to 3,000 people who patronize the Brooklyn Bowl on any given day. [Photo: Courtesy of Excel Dryer]

Of course, Excel Dryers are also installed in less crowded but nonetheless highly utilized spaces, like the bathrooms at Brooklyn Bowl. At this trendy bowling alley/ restaurant/concert venue, the dryers add a finishing touch to the space’s avant-garde aesthetic.

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Excel Dryer easily customizes its products to your needs. Their dryers work well in hospitality settings like the Fairmont Hotel or in the education sector, like at Longmeadow High School. They also have been used in retail spaces like Max Burger and huge arenas like Gillette Stadium. There is no one place that Excel works best, but rather, it may be the ideal dryer for any public facility.

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