Rope Lights by Alex Jowett
An alternative to sleek pendants and glittery chandeliers, Alex Jowett’s inventive Rope Lights are perfect for raw spaces with exposed elements. The manila rope sections, which are sold in 12-foot or custom lengths, provide a texture that is immediately familiar and perfect for any number of hospitality applications. The lights are sold exclusively through Toronto’s Atelier 688. /

Family Bench by Valentin Garal for Le Porc-Shop
No piece of furniture enlivens a space quite the way the Family Bench does. Handcrafted from solid willow wood by industrial designer Valentín Garal for the Mexican furniture workshop Le Porc-Shop, the bench is fitted with a birdcage that brings life to something typically inanimate and often unintimate. Meant to generate social interaction through its oddity as well as the necessary care of the birds, the Family Bench could be perfect for an unused courtyard at a boutique hotel, as long as the place isn’t afraid of flair—or chirping. /

Lasca by Marco Sousa Santos for Amorim
Perfect for a rooftop pool or lush lounge area, the Lasca table is designed to be smooth, solid, and unassuming—just like a pebble from a riverbed. With its cork body and lacquered fiberboard top, it’s full of character and the perfect place for guests to set their pool necessities. The table, which comes in a variety of dimensions, was designed by Marco Sousa Santos, one of 10 designers commissioned to create cork pieces for Amorim’s Materia collection. /


Viro Fiber by Michael Young
Viro Fiber is manufacturing a sustainable, all-weather, recyclable wicker. The woven material is 100-percent high-density polyethylene, highly durable, and perfectly suited for a hotel’s outdoor furnishing needs. In addition, Viro is committed to Indonesia’s local economy and has worked to create a cottage industry that does not contribute to deforestation. Shown here is one color from the Michael Young Collection. /

Losanges by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for nanimarquina
The ancient kilim method is used for the Losanges collection of hand-woven rugs from nanimarquina, requiring hand-spun Afghan wool and resulting in subtle color differences that make each rug unique. The rhombus—echoed in the rug’s overall shape—is the key to the design by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and the resulting piece is something at once modern and ancient, fantastical and warm. /