Precast concrete walls are ultra-durable and easy to install—which is sure to help your project’s bottom line.

Photo: Courtesy of Fabcon

Fabcon has built for MacQueen Equipment Group in St. Paul, Minnesota. [Photo: Courtesy of Fabcon]


Fabcon’s precast concrete wall panels save projects time and money while being durable and efficient. As the largest structural precast wall manufacturer in the U.S., Fabcon engineers and produces its panels in one of four U.S. production facilities and ships the finished product to the job site in as little as eight weeks, whereas a smaller outfit could take months. The modular concrete panels themselves make buildings stronger while also easier to install. Here, Fabcon Regional Sales Manager Dave Stanton explains how building quickly and efficiently cuts costs and equals a better project all around.

Time saves money. Once a building owner has financial approval to build, they are paying on that loan. The quicker they can open, the quicker they can make money. When you as a general contractor are able to have that meeting with the owner and say, “Your schedule’s not being impacted,” they see the value. Their return on investment is very quick—within months.

Fabcon helps buildings go up fast in part because weather has no impact on us. There’s no time delay because precast is manufactured in a controlled facility. We’re producing walls while the foundations are being completed, and when we hit the job site, we have enough product to continuously erect the building. Precast is the least labor intensive of wall systems, too, as much of the labor it took to create those walls was done offsite. It’s not completely labor-free—we still need people in our facilities—but onsite it’s minimal labor.

Photo: Courtesy of Fabcon

Fabcon helped this EchoPark Automotive in Texas go up more efficiently. [Photo: Courtesy of Fabcon]

Also with precast, no curing happens outside. There’s no structural grout needed. Because of that, again, temperatures have no impact on our erection sequence. We can even do it in rain or snow. In summer, when projects are being designed, it’s easy to forget about winter. But when you’re building a project on paper, if there’s any delay or early weather, construction slides into winter. If you’re building with site-cast masonry, you’re paying more than what you may pay for a premium like precast. That doesn’t happen with us. One job in particular in Columbus, Ohio was designed site-cast. As the project’s timeline slipped into winter, they took a second look and decided on precast. Now their building is not being impacted.

Photo: Courtesy of Fabcon

[Photo: Courtesy of Fabcon]

Fabcon also has its own erection crews. We don’t rely on sub-contracting out erection of our precast, like many precasters do across the country. From design to punchlist, we are one of the few turnkey companies in the country.

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