[Photo: Courtesy of Fire Pits Direct]

Fire Pits Direct answers burning questions about selecting the best outdoor fire features.

The outdoor living market is rapidly growing, and fire features are at the center of it all. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces became the most popular outdoor design elements in 2018, with up to 66% of consumers asking to have the features installed, according to a survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects. With the rise in interest comes an influx of options, often making it hard to choose. That’s where Fire Pits Direct comes in.

The e-commerce company offers customers dozens of premium brands to choose from and direct assistance from heat and fire experts. “It’s really that personalized experience when you’re buying goods online,” says Adam Kahler, director of sales and marketing at Fire Pits Direct. “We literally spend hours reviewing renderings and drawings with our customers to achieve the best possible outcome.” Kahler adds that, considering contractors make up a high percentage of their customer base, product knowledge is of utmost importance. Product expertise, depth of assortment, and speed of delivery fuels Fire Pits Direct’s success. “Many people who choose to add fire features are looking to restore the timeless scene of sitting around the fire. We sell fire, of course, but more importantly, what we aim to do for our clients is create environments intended to inspire conversation.”


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Flashy Features

The right fire pit can be a real showstopper, and Fire Pits Direct is set to help you find the best fit—from fire pit tables to outdoor fireplaces and torches to fire glass. “Our experts consult on everything from fire pit makeovers to complete outdoor renovations, and our extensive product offering ensures we have something for every design and budget.”

Photo: Courtesy of Fire Pits Direct

[Photo: Courtesy of Fire Pits Direct]

Built to Last

One of Fire Pits Direct’s newest additions is glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) fire features. “Most concrete is going to swell and crack in extreme temperature changes, whereas GFRC is more forgiving and adapts to environmental changes,” Kahler says. “If your ambient temperature is really cold, you want to be able to ignite a gas fire feature and not have to worry about the integrity of the actual enclosure itself.” Ultra-modern and unmatched in design, fire pits made with GFRC provide extreme durability.

Photo: Courtesy of Fire Pits Direct

[Photo: Courtesy of Fire Pits Direct]

Smart Technology

As homes get smarter, the things that make them unique—like fire features—do, too. Fire Pits Direct has seen a steady increase in fire features remotely controlled by Bluetooth and other smart home technology. Fire Pits Direct offers this type of technology with electronic ignition fire pit kits. The kit offers remote electronic ignition with Hi/Lo flame options, natural gas or propane application, and a flame sensing system that will close the gas valve if the flame blows out. Fire Pits Direct recommends this kit to tech-savvy residential customers, commercial clients, and any application where the highest of safety standards and ultimate convenience are desired.

Contractor & Business Account Benefits

The Fire Pits Direct Business Account Program is available for industry professionals looking to partner with Fire Pits Direct for their expertise and add profit to every project. It’s free to sign up, has no minimums, and offers preferred pricing and free shipping.

Photo: Courtesy of Fire Pits Direct

[Photo: Courtesy of Fire Pits Direct]

High Design

Your outdoor centerpiece is sure to be eye-catching, but it can also be chic. If a customer wants to add a little artistic flare, naturally aging carbon steel fire pits offer a look designed by nature itself. Alternatively, choosing an unfinished (ready-to-finish) fire pit enclosure allows customers the flexibility to customize the appearance. Various finishes from stone to stucco can help match the new feature to the rest of your outdoor space. “Every fire pit is handcrafted and is truly like a piece of art,” Kahler says.


4 tips to ensure total satisfaction before you purchase your outdoor fire feature

1. For Heat or Head Turns?

Knowing whether the feature is for practicality or perception is important—particularly for businesses. “We do really well with fire features that bring the customer base in,” Kahler says. “Because that’s what they’re used to at home. They want to be able to eat and dine at a facility that feels like home—with heat, with warmth, and with conversation.”

2. Proper Gas Supply

Customers often sell their project short by not checking gas supply compatibility with their feature. “The outcome can be bleak: Improper supply can lead to problems ranging from annoying whistling or whooshing sounds to an anemic flame.”

3. Local Code

Fire Pits Direct emphasizes safety as the top priority when helping customers choose the perfect feature. “The whole mantra of ‘act first, beg for forgiveness later’ really doesn’t work with fire,” Kahler says. “You need to consult your local codes.”

4. Think Long-Term

Though big-box stores may offer fire features for less, Kahler says consulting the experts at Fire Pits Direct ensures you buy accurately the first time. “When you invest into the knowledge of buying the best products, your frequency of purchase is not as often and the outcome is worth every dollar.”

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