When Amsterdam comes to mind, so do images of pristine waterways, leisurely bicycle rides, and innovative culture. The upcoming Park 20|20, located just southwest of the city, strives to match innovative green culture of the city it sits so close to. This new business park will promote an integrated approach to sustainability throughout its building design, starting with Mosa’s ceramic tile façade—both reusable and produced with minimal waste.


“For us, sustainability means, at the least, that you can take buildings apart and reuse the materials,” says Jeroen Grosfeld of N3O Architecten, who worked on the project. This makes the use of Mosa’s materials a no-brainer when deciding what to use in a cutting edge new business facility. Moa prides itself on its innovation in sustainable designs by creating building materials that can be taken apart easily and reused to build again while creating little to no waste.

Mosa’s Cradle to Cradle business model shows its concern for the environment as well as its staff members. The tiles are not only design-forward, but are also produced using entirely non-toxic materials, making them healthy both for the environment and humans. “You could grind up Mosa tiles, dissolve them in water and drink them if you wanted to,” says Coert Zachariasse, director of Delta Development—also a part of Park 20|20.


Plus, in the case of this project, Mosa went one step further and developed a “click-on system” for the ceramic façade. Normally, when choosing the façade of a building, this selection is rarely altered over the years. Here, it can be easily changed throughout the years without any financial sacrifices. The system was developed with Lomax Systems BV and also provides ventilation.

Park 20|20 designers know that sparing no expense on the most cutting edge sustainable materials will further prove that a space can be green, beautiful, functional, and adaptable. And Mosa shows that a business doesn’t have to decide between sustainability and aesthetic relevancy. As Grosfeld says, “Cradle to Cradle is not ‘hype,’ its here to stay.”


You can learn more about this project here.



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